Al-Hussein Society Celebrates and Adopts Diversity

[15-06-2015 12:02 PM]

AMMONNEWS - By Madeleine Mezagopian - With great joy on a June day of each year some, sadly not all, of the concerned, including this author, rush to a celebration which reminds all Jordanians that Jordan is not only doing well but very well, the school graduation of Al-Hussein Society.

Al- Hussein Society is a sacred oasis while being very much aware of and concerned with all the ailments threatening the stability of the larger Jordanian society. Hence the Society lives in conformity with and attends to all what evolves and is warranted in relevance to its Jordanian society, foremost in conformity with the guidelines of HM King Abdullah II, who in a letter to teachers and students on the occasion of the new scholastic year 2012 urged teachers to nurture a new generation that respects diversity, debate and different opinions, and understands the importance of persuading others through effective communication. His Majesty further underlined the significance of diversity in a letter to King’s Academy and stated

Beyond learning to be independent, creative and responsible, and to think for themselves, our students learn to respect and celebrate diversity. At King’s, they quickly discover how the differences between us enrich our experiences and broaden our horizons.

On a simple theatre with humble facilities however equipped with passionate staff, enlightened administration and wise presidency. Al-Hussein Society adopted the royal guideline and translated its 2015 theme of celebrating diversity during its school graduation through the performance of its gifted and empowered children when courage, dignity, happiness, optimism and a bit of pain wonderfully met leaving an everlasting impact. Al-Hussein Society’s children have physical disabilities. Yet these children are highly motivated and determined not only to join their peers, including those at King’s Academy, in making a difference, but are pioneers in echoing what is most needed to secure stability in their society and enrich their own experiences through embracing and celebrating tolerance and diversity.

Such rich and unique endeavors by Al-Hussein Society in meeting tough however surmountable challenges of enabling the most vulnerable sector of all societies, serving annually over 4000 people with disabilities, whether Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqis, have neither local nor regional borders. At a time complaints are heard pertinent development programs not targeting equally all parts of the Kingdom. Al-Hussein Society extends its services across the Kingdom, from Zarqa to Maan and from Madaba to Aqaba, reaching all irrespective of race, gender and religion together with its international partners, not least the American LDS, the Spanish FPCS and the German CBM.

With modest if not meager resources, Al-Hussein Society moved from offering services towards becoming a regional center for training and inclusion.

Notwithstanding the continuous support extended to Al-Hussein Society by Jordan’s Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities, Jordan’s Ministries of Education, Health and Social Development and by the Greater Amman Municipality. With the increased demand for Al-Hussein Society’s services and the programs integrated to improve the quality of provided services. The key question remains whether the status of the Society can be preserved and the Society’s multifaceted services can be maintained given its modest budget.

Perhaps more crucial question to be raised is whether all these efforts of Al-Hussein Society are reciprocated, appreciated and rewarded by all the concerned, including the international organizations who should secure the Society with financial tranquility not only through equipping the society with proper theatre and other necessary apparatus and facilities. But foremost urgent need arises to ensure the continuation of such a model institution which enhances not only the humane image of Jordan, its people and its leadership, but likewise promotes the credibility of both the Arab World in attending to the needs of the most vulnerable and all the agencies that advocate human rights at large.

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