How Much Longer Must We Wait

[22-05-2015 05:27 PM]

AMMONNEWS - By Abdulillah - You know we have to be the one of the most patient people on earth, because we seem to accept everything will get done “eventually”, by anything public related.

It seems we can be very patient with waiting for Construction Companies to adopt a Unified National Building Code. What?? This has to be one of the biggest screw ups ever. How else do our buildings and roadways get built if NOT by a unified building code? Do they build it by whatever they feel is right? Were in trouble if this is the case.

I need to now write myself a very emergency note that states “Make sure the building or apartment you want to purchase has been built by some code and inspected by a qualified and certified engineer and inspector”. God only knows how many will last under heavy loading, or when we have an earthquake. What happened in Bangladesh and Nepal does not look very far from where I am standing. Or God forbid abig fire or electrical shock from lack of a good electrical code and enforcement.

Let me put this in perspective really quick. The public cannot be exposed to dangers that are unacceptable by any standard of modern engineering and construction practices.

NO general contractor or engineer should be designing, building or contemplating construction without approved submitted drawings and following a code. What nonsense, and for that matter stupidity and lack of enforcement.
Make all register and submit for permits as soon as possible, and for God sake let’s not dilly dally any longer. No exceptions and I mean NOW not next year. I am sure there are laws on the books that state you need to build by a code. Let’s enforce this now! This will weed out the idiots from responsible parties and every wing nut with a shovel and mixer.

We also seem to be waiting for our government employees to get the hint that we expect them to actually up to work on time and provide us with the services we pay them to do in an efficient manner. If they feel hurt by this criticism, then I am sorry but that is what we expect from you and that is a minimum.
We also expect that you will be tolerant with our annoyance when you make us run around in circles gathering every stamp in the Kingdom just to satisfy some antiquated rule, invented at the founding of the country.

Let’s get with the program. If you don’t know how to use a computer or want to learn, it’s time to retire and I don’t mean in a year or two, I mean now please! Let’s make room for the dozens of new graduates that need jobs and are willing to work, and with modern tools.

Yes; I am old just like you, but I changed because stone and chisel was not an effective way to communicate in the modern age. I needed to make this change just to keep up with the younger generations and to be honest to keep my job and so should you!

As for the younger crowd who do know how to use these new tools, we mean that you use them at your work place to get things done and not to sit on Facebook or Twitter expounding on your every move you did that day or how you feel every moment of your life.

Let me be very frank you’re not being paid for this and we are not interested in your clothes, bodily functions or seeing you in every pose or selfie; REALLY!!!

How long must we wait for our government agencies to actually communicate with each other? How hard is this? I take that back it has to be hard, because even the US and Europe has these problems, but then again they are 100 times larger than us, and our entire population is not as big as many of the US states, even the ones who have less people.

Let’s get this fixed. Yes the money you exact from us for taxes are actually to be used for this. We really don’t need you to tell us anything we just need you to act in the right manner.

It’s not that hard really you just have to listen and figure out how to accomplish this. If you can’t because of something then you need to tell us why you cannot do this. Maybe we can steer you in the right direction and in some cases it will be to you the door.

As for those private companies that are looking for a government (our tax money) handout; NO you don’t get anything. We will allow you to fail. If youdon’t know how to run a profitable company we are not going to save you, no matter how hard it may be on us.

We are going to start demanding that any company that provides services to the public and government be bonded and insured. So in case you fail we will be able to recoup our money and own all your assets at the same time. We will also make sure we the public get our share first before you creditors. So you are not going to get a pass for failing. This is not kindergarten school and we are not your baby sitters.

We the public maybe be patient, but our patience is running out on just plain laziness and stupidity. We need your help not to pass out handouts. For those of us that are asking for a hand out I tell them like I would tell myself. Unless I am a cripple, handicapped, poor or old or a single mother or widow, I need to get myself out of the house and earn a wage. No excuses will be accepted sorry.

The rich ofus just remember where you earned this money, and although this is a capitalist society, earned income will be taxed and you’re dodging the local banks by funneling your money outside of the country will not avail you for long. We will find you trust me, and we will redistribute your money equitably between our poor. We will no longer be patient or understanding of miserly people.

Alternatively; I suggest you do the godly thing and share. We don’t mean you give us handouts, but that you use the money to good jobs. Trust me you will feel better about yourself now, and when you meet maker you will be better off.

My lord let us not say this again and again and again, we want the cigarettes and alcohol to be taxed a lot. Not only to dissuade their use but to pay for the medical bills that we as a country have to share in. Most of all to save our children from these bad habits.

Please, no more excuse we want our woman to be treated as men but different due to natural biology. That means we expect equality in their pay for equal work. We expect that they be treated equally under the law and their offspring as well. We see no logical or religious exceptions to this anywhere. So no more shuffling our feet making one excuse after another so we can save some male machoism. If they work better smarter and harder than their male counterpart then too bad for him. She stays and he goes. For God sake they are our mothers, sisters and wives, let’s treat them fairly.

I am sorry if I hurt anyone by this column, but I don’t care how many times I have to repeat myself, or if it makes you feel bad. Tough, suck it up and shovel through it.

We expect results and correct behavior. We want to raise our heads when our flag is waved and we want to know that we have done our best. Presently we are a long way from that.
God Bless Jordan and Its People.

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