Why Obama is avoiding a land offensive against ISIS

23-02-2015 12:02 AM

AMMONNEWS - By Feras Werr - Ever since the power vacuum in Syrian and the US has been avoiding a land offensive within the quarters that are governed by ISIS in a very complicated equation that has never been understood by the public. Although approving airstrikes on many occasions the decisive blow will never
come unless a powerful and thorough land campaign is organized to neutralize the several
warring extremists’ factions in Syrian and Iraq as well. Many political figures feel that the US
has been sponsoring ISIS and Al-Ka’eda in the shadows in an attempt to an alibi for its
intervention in the Middle East for Israel’s sake and its’ welfare. Furthermore the story goes that
the loyalty of this secret liaison has been betrayed by the extremist factions lately as they have
decided to carve out their own geographical lands to rule through the use of force in the Middle
East. Oil interests are also a fair target for the intervention of the US and the UK in the affairs of
the Middle East.

Despite these allegations to the US, I personally feel that they are very weak, and unsupported by
logical reasoning at all. I truly feel that those factions have been created and supported by
countries with anti-American interests in the Region, whom ever those countries maybe. The fact
that those factions have turned against the US is totally unconvincing as those people know very
well the power of the US army, which is categorized as number one super power on a global
scale. This fact makes me feel very skeptical in believing that those factions have turned against
the US in any way. The fact also that what they are doing is in coordination with the US is also
unconvincing, as why would the US strike them while a secret coalition is taking place with

Whomever those countries are that are supporting ISIS, they might remain in the shadows till the
downfall of ISIS in the Middle East, which is a reality that will see the future sooner or later. The
pending question is when, and what a mighty question this is. This question will truly remain
without an answer till the NATO really decides to move its’ arms physically in a big scale land
offensive to Syria and Iraq. There is really one answer as to why the US is pending any land
offensive. The US and Israel has lost interest in His Excellency Bashar Al-Asaad remaining in
power in Syria in any way. Despite the fact that he is supported by Iran which is a big power in
Asia the US most probably has been ignoring the offensive in an effort to place more pressure on
Bashaar Al-Asaad and his army, to curtail their power over a vast area of Syrian land. The same
goes for Iraq as it has seen growing Iranian influence during the former government of Maliki.
Lebanon also has seen a lot of Iranian influence through Hizbollah who has endangered the
northern border of Israel periodically. If the land offensive is executed now Bashaar Al-Asaad
will regain rule over Syria very easily and a Shi’ite Iraq will return to power through Iranian

I personally think that whenever Bashar Al-Asaad decides to play a deck of cards that pleases
Israel and the US the land offensive will come in very quickly. If Iran stops interfering in
Lebanon and Iraq this will greatly encourage the US to perform the offensive as well. It is just an
equation of interests that is curtailing even the NATO forces from any action in the areas
witnessing a power vacuum in the Arab World. Libya has seen a very powerful struggle ever since the Arab Spring revolts.

Libya like many Arab nations saw the downfall of powerful Kadafy but however through a US-French military
intervention. Many politicians saw earlier that the reason the US supported the Arab Spring and
supported the Muslim Brotherhood in rising to power during its events was its’ will to gather all
the Islamic movements in one area. By this it meant give them authority and a singular domain
so the western world can deal with them in a more clear and pragmatic way, and so they would
have an authority to be spoken to, and also to govern their subjects and allies. However the
government that rose to power in Libya after Kadafy’s fall hasn’t been successful in suppressing
the several warring factions that have fought its’ authority at all due to the power vacuum their.
The consequences were totally fatal to the nation and the US French coalition walked out of
Libya without even the least will to intervene into its affairs any further, unlike Iraq where the
US helped it construct a government and military army. Suspicious activity has been going on in
Libya and the Security Council hasn’t been much help in helping the legitimate government
acquire any assistance what so ever in securing a more powerful security grip over the Libyan
lands. Lately ISIS has been active in many Libyan towns but had to withdraw drastically as the
Egyptian military giant aided the Legitimate Libyan government in a joint military campaign
after the terrible massacre of the twelve Egyptian citizens. There is just no other way for the
Libyan government to regain authority but through the aid of the Egyptian super power.
Honestly speaking Libya with its gigantic one million seven hundred and fifty thousand square
kilometers of land will be a safe haven for a number of military out-lawed factions if no drastic
action is taken.

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