Bani Arshid's unwarranted accusations and their non-existent impact on Jordan-UAE ties

05-12-2014 12:57 PM

AMMONNEWS - By Abdelrahman Mitib Altakhaineh - On Thursday 20th Nov 2014 after publishing an article criticising the UAE, the Jordanian authorities arrested the deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s branch in the kingdom, ZakiBaniArshid. ZakiBaniArshid was detained due to calling the UAE as the first sponsor of terrorism and expressing that ithad no legitimacy labelling the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group. In response to BaniArshid’s arrest, party spokesman Murad Adayleh deplored the move as an insult to the nation and a bid to stifle voices. It seems that the Jordanian authorities are trying to preserve Jordan’s interests and relations with a brotherly nation that hosts a considerable number of Jordanians.Here, I would like to express my perspective on this matter and provide other justifications forArshidarrest. I also try to put my humble selfin his shoes to showhow he should have responded to the UAE labelling the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group. If only I were him, I would have saved myself and my country this embarrassment.

Firstly, the statement made by Arshid against the UAE is unwarranted. It is well-known that the UAE has been playing a crucial role in fighting terrorism and extremists. For example, the UAE took part in the efforts made by the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) to help republics of Mali, Somalia and Central Africa and other areas outside the Middle East to eliminate armed violence. Also, the UAE has been exerting efforts within the international alliance to fight terrorism and violence by ISIS. The UAE has done many more deeds that its noble work for the greater good of the world's nations, which I find myself incapable of mentioning in this short article. As a result, it is a big lie to accuse the UAE of being a terrorist country after all the efforts the UAE have strived to accomplish against terrorism.
Secondly, accusingthe UAE of helping the Zionist project and orchestrating all destructive acts against the Muslim and Arab nations’ aspirations is uncalled for.The truth is that the UAE has spent millions of dollars to rebuild Gaza and other parts in the Muslim and Arab world. Additionally, the UAE has made the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on 20th Jan 2010 byIsraeli secret service agency Mossada fiasco. The UAE showed the whole world how brutal and cruel Israel is. Also, The UAE has translated development and humanitarian aid into a foreign policy instrument. This was donedue to two main reasons: (1) it is dictated by an Islamic belief that helping those in need is a primary duty; and (2) that part of the country’s wealth from oil and gas should be devoted to assisting less fortunate countries and individuals. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the UAE, expressed this very clearly when he declared:

We believe that the benefit of the fortune granted to us by God should spread to cover our brothers and friends.

Also, Sheikh Zayed's successor, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has continued on the same path based on his conviction that:

Humanitarian diplomacy is one of the main pillars of our foreign policy, and our country will continue to support international efforts to respond to disasters and answer the call for relief.

It is clear that the UAE has always had the best interest of people all over the world at heartregardless of their race, colour, religion or ideology. Thus, the UAE would not have accused Muslim Brotherhood of being a terror group unless they had done something tangible. If I were in the position of ZakiBaniArshid, I would urge the UAE to explain why they have classified the party as a terror organisation. Also, I would ask the UAE to reconsider itsaccusation and give the party more time to revise the main ideology and principles, and I would beseech the UAE to understand that the behaviour of some individuals does not represent the whole party.The UAE is the third country to do so besides Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As far as I am concerned, this could not have happened by coincidence. The Muslim Brotherhood should look again at their agenda and aims to ensure their compatibility with the current changes in the Islamic world. Finally, I do believe that Jordan's ties with the UAE are strong and considered a model for Arab countries to conduct mutual relations.These statements will have no impact on our relations. May Allah protect Jordan and the UAE.

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