It’s Easy! Blame the Lone Wolf

[24-11-2014 12:04 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Abdulillah In the circles of the political and journalistic elite the use of term “Lone Wolf” for attacks that cannot be directly attributed to, or acknowledge by any specific group or entity seems now to be blamed on a “Lone Wolf”. Poor wolf seems to be more maligned every day.
Yes; when someone runs over another with a car premeditatedly, or hangs an innocent bus driver or kills people in congressional prayer in their houses of worship. They are considered “Lone wolf” attacks. God forbid we ever attribute it to something real, like maybe injustice, poverty, revenge or even pure hatred, or rebellion or even madness.
No; it’s just a “lone wolf” who for whatever reason did it. Very convenient way of putting your head in the sand and pretending you don’t have a problem in my opinion.
Listen; I am sure we have issues with people who are just insane, but when we have a plethora of attacks that are similar in nature as each other, or by one of a group of people, they are not “lone wolves”. Trust me when an individual from a region or a particular opposing group attack each other, they do so for a reason; and although they may do it on their own they are behaving in a collective manner.
Most are egged on by ideological or political reasons-reasons they see which justifies them acting on their own, all the while believing that they are doing it with the backing of the entire group they belong to.
One needs to think a little deeper as to why so many are beginning to act on their own. It cannot be because all are insane.
Based on what I know of social behavior of this sort, it is typically because the individual perpetrating these attacks either see themselves and their people as a repressed peoples, peoples who have nothing or little to lose, or who want to bring attention to a cause. Rarely do they do this believing that they are doing it for themselves alone, but for an entire community that they feel truly backs them in their violent quest. And yes; many do it so they can be seen by their people as heroes or martyrs.
Mostly they do it, because they see their group or people as weak, disenfranchised and repressed, with a weak central government, or living under occupation with an unjust or nonexistent legal system that deals with them unfairly.
While others acting alone do it because they believe they are in the right, that it’s there manifest destiny to rule and repress. Where they see their government as weak, in response to what they believe is their right to own or hold regardless of the law, religious or civil.
What do we do about this? Well for starters let’s try to stop using the term “Lone Wolf”. It means you don’t have a real problem, just a lot of insane people. Let’s determine the root causes of these attacks. Let’s see if we can actually listen or try to ascertain for once from the people who view these attacks in a positive light, why they do so.

Let’s then determine if they really do have a legitimate reasons such as poverty, repression, inhumane treatment and the lack of fair and equitable justice systems.
Let’s attack and eradicate these basic underlying concerns, followed by education. Maybe then we will eradicate these “Lone Wolves” leaving it to the few truly insane who will not be hailed as heroes or martyrs, but what they are…killers of humanity.
Know well; that today we are dealing with “Lone Wolves”, tomorrow we may be dealing with rouge or ultra-nationalist military nations, which some in the region are now today, who are determined that because of some warped manifest destiny they are to rule and own the world.
God Bless Jordan and Its People

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