Tragic comedies playing themselves out in Jordan

[08-06-2013 06:56 PM]

By Abdulillah

I for the last two weeks have been researching my next piece on the practice of Holistic Management of our environment that involves the theory advocated by J.C. Smuts who wrote a book on this theory called “Holistic and Evolution” in 1926 and now advocated by Mr. Allen Savory of the Savory Institute. This management theory/practice addresses the management of crop farms and range land to reverse the effects of “desertification”.
However; I have been interrupted by the tragic comedies playing themselves out in Jordan for the last week or so as follows:

Reading a few days ago I came across an article that stated that 91 MPs are seeking the prohibition of smoking in parliament chambers “Under the Dome”. Amazed and stunned I could not believe what I was reading as I chuckled to myself while shaking my head in disbelief.

Here our elected officials are contemplating actually abiding by the law. Yes that law that prohibits the act of smoking and killing yourself and others in every hospital, healthcare facility, schools, theaters, libraries, public transport, airports, airplanes, lecture halls and yes in some NON-GOVERNMENT buildings.

Wow, it’s really amazing, that we have at least 91 MPs on the bandwagon against the smoking of up to 20 cigarettes per session under the dome. They have had their fill of second hand smoke! I guess the others are all smokers who cannot take the stress of session and just must have their nicotine go-go juice 20 times every 10 minutes they spend in session, while they kill the rest of their colleagues. I guess that’s one way to get rid of your opposition.

It would not have been so bad had I not read another article about how in the last 100 days in office, our illustrious representatives were ALL present during only 12 sessions called during this period. Sadder still was another recent article that stated that our representatives wanted to have drivers to drive them around and act as body guards.

Yes my fellow citizens this illustrious body entered the twilight zone of absurdity, where some are awake while others sleep and some are in touch while others are removed from the reality that we all live in.

Please stop this tragic comedy and please joint the rest of us who are relying on you bunch to get the work done.

No more stupidity please, get rid of the cigarettes and get rid of the selling to minors and get rid of the low taxes on them and start punishing the abusers with fines, but first start with yourselves.

Next: stop asking for things the rest of us do not have as we are struggling to make ends meet as it is, and your dipping into what you may believe is the endless well of public wealth that’s hurting our pockets.

Lastly; I hope that you all have an ethics committee among you that polices its members. Because where I work; if I do not up one day I must have a legitimate excuse, or a doctor’s note or my pay gets docked, and if it happens too many times I get let go. Yes this means fired.

This all needs no debate, just action on your part so get with it. For the 91 members who brought his up, my only response to you is: it’s about time.
The next comedy is the one playing itself out with the Syrian Ambassador to Jordan. It seems that he has said some things that have evoked our Foreign Minister to warn him that he has “violated all norms of diplomacy”, and that if he continues in this behavior he would be considered “persona non grata” (basically removing his privileges of diplomatic immunity and asked to leave the country).

I say no do not do that to him, let him keep spouting hot air from his mouth. The more he speaks the more he comes off as what he is; a hypocrite of the first order and one who is not in touch with reality, let alone diplomacy.

He seems to have lost sight of the fact that more than ½ million of his people are being hosted by our beloved nation and moreover his government has sent basically ZERO help to its own citizens. The only help they have provided them was a quick exit out to live like refugees outside their country, the destruction of their homes and livelihoods, and the killing of their families.

Moreover, I doubt very strongly that this man has even visited the camps full of his people that he is supposed to represent, to council them and to make sure that they are being taken care of, and advocating for their well-being, as well as asking for economic aide from the same government that he is so quick to defend to others.

No I doubt he would even set a foot let alone spend a night there with them instead of his diplomatic residence. It is possible he fears that he might come to harm from his own compatriots. Or maybe he fears that they might actually regard him as a human being like themselves.

Sadly, I am not sure he can dig himself out of the depths of the shallows that he now dwells. Like they say, “When you are neck deep in waste its best to keep your mouth shut”.

I come to the last of the tragic comedies, and that is of the monkey found strolling on the streets of west Amman. I nearly fell off my chair! Was I reading this correctly, “a monkey taking a stroll on Amman streets”? I thought I was wrong and worried that they meant one of the few corrupt individuals that was caught and put to jail recently had escaped from his cage. Monkeys are not indigenous to Jordan; only a few bad humans who act like monkeys and their music grinders that make them dance to the rotten music of theft and corruption. Thankfully none have escaped, but we still have a few that need to be cleaned up off the streets.

Now back to my research, which I hope to share with you soon.

God Bless Jordan and it People

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