Russia's barbaric attack. How to stop the monster?

08-07-2024 06:06 PM
James Johnson

Today’s morning, Kyiv was attacked by Russian missiles. The biggest Children hospital in Ukraine “Okhmatdit” has been targeted. There are killed and wounded among personnel and patients. Another barbaric attack!

Horrifying images from Okhmatdit Hospital, Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital, which provides treatment to children with cancer & other illnesses, and was struck during Russia’s massive missile attack this morning.

Our thoughts are with the children and their families, – USA Ambassador to Kyiv Bridget A.Brink condemned Russia in her X (former Twitter) post.

Russia Ministry of Defence is denying to recognize their hit upon childcare center stating that targeting was caused by Ukraine air defence system fault despite on numerous footprints and video clearly proven that strike has been made by RF ballistic or cruise missile.

But there is nothing extraordinary in such statement. Russia uses terror tactics to persuade Ukraine to capitulate and resign to Putin’s ultimatum. Barbaric methods are acceptable by Kremlin and warmly welcomed by Russian audience. But it is no way to be taken by the rest of adequate and civilized world. They do not need to know RussMOD version of their crime, but they can watch everything without MOD comments. It is obvious that it is apparent diagnosis for Kremlin’s brain to target children intentionally.

Russia continues to terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine. Today, July 8, Russian terrorists struck twice a day. Russia launched a missile attack on peaceful Ukrainian cities – Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, Sloviansk, Kramatorsk. Civilian infrastructure, residential buildings, were hit during a massive missile attack.

The Russian Federation used more than 40 missiles of various types against Ukraine today: cruise missiles from Tu-95 strategic bombers, ballistics, Kinzhal and Kalibr missiles. There was also an additional combat mission of Tu-22M3 aircraft with Kh-22 missiles. Rocket fragments hit citizens and civil infrastructure in six districts of the Kyiv city (Solomianskyi, Holosiivskyi, Dniprovskyi, Darnytskyi, Desnianskyi districts).

The Russians attacked Kyiv in broad daylight to kill as many people as possible. It is known about 7 dead and 11 injured in Kyiv, 10 dead and 31 injured in Kryvyi Rih. The numbers of victims continue to increase.

A terrible event is today’s attack on the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital, where medical specialists save the lives of hundreds of children every day. The Russian army fights with sick children! The barbarism and cynicism of the Russian regime knows no boundaries!

On the eve of the NATO Summit, Putin once again demonstrated the barbaric nature of this war, his utter disregard for the opinion of the international community and his strong desire to seize Ukraine and kill its people, everyone, even small children.

If anyone doubts about the need for further support for Ukraine, then today’s shelling is clear evidence that Putin does not plan to stop and the next victim could be any European country.

Ukraine needs high-precision and powerful weapons and permission to destroy Russian military facilities which are used for attacks against Ukraine. It is necessary to provide Ukraine with air/missile defense systems and other weapons. This is the only option to save Ukrainian cities and villages from destruction, to save the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

Long-term support of Western partners is necessary, which would provide stability to Ukraine. This is exactly what the Ukrainian people want, once again recovering from the shelling.

The barbaric shelling of Ukraine on July 8, 2024, proved ones again Russia’s unwillingness to support peace. Putin uses language of ultimatums. The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, speaks about a peace beneficial only to Russia. But while Orbán is flying around the world pretending to be a “peacemaker”, the Ukrainian capital and other cities are being destroyed by Russian Kinzhal missiles. The European Union should finally pay attention to the ambiguous “peacemaking” activities of the Hungarian Prime Minister and deprive Hungary of the presidency of the Council of Europe.

Ukrainian cities and villages are under threat of total destruction without military support, air and missile defense systems.

Only a united, consolidated position of the countries at the NATO Summit can save Ukraine and demonstrate the readiness of the civilized world to stop Putin.

Ukraine needs a just peace, not empty “peace” initiative of populist politicians and dictators.

Russia’s missile attacks are a challenge to the entire civilized community. The international community should have no illusions about the fictitiousness of Putin’s statements about negotiations, a cease-fire, and a “war freeze.”

After such continuous and brutal rocket attacks on peaceful cities of Ukraine, no negotiations with Russia are possible. Russian terror against the civilian population of Ukraine must be stopped.

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