How to win your friendship son

17-07-2023 11:57 AM

Ammon News - By Duraid Al-Muhaisen

Friendship is one of the most important human relations that bind individuals, as it is considered an essential pillar in building a social life happy and stable, and one of the most important friendships is the father's friendship with his son, and it is based on trust and mutual respect, and a sense of safety so that conversations are varied between laughter and seriousness and participation in activities such as playing, walking, sports, or even watching his favorite movies, listening to the son's interests, dreams and ideas, listening to him and respecting his privacy, and not forgetting that the father is a good example. The father must act in a way that reflects the values and morals that he wants to teach his son.

Honestly He must show sincerity in his behavior and actions, so do not forget, father, the support and encouragement while teaching your son.

Focus on the positive points and work on correcting mistakes instead of blaming, admonishing and scolding, especially in front of others.
It is even more beautiful to emphasize positive phrases such as “I love you”, “I am proud of you”, “I believe in your abilities”, “You are capable”, “You are a successful student”, and to support any activity or talent that he undertakes.

On the contrary, some families suffer from the absence of friendship among their members, as some parents believe that adopting harsh methods in dealing with their children is the most correct.

This type of parents often do not know their children's true personalities, and even children are forced to lie, hide facts, rebel, and commit crimes. Harsh treatment may lead to deterioration of children's mental health, such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.

Finally .. DEAR Father and Mother, friendship is a strong and trusting relationship between people and helps in building healthy and positive relationships. Let your relationship with your children be a friendship based on love, trust and respect.

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