After tragic end of submarine “Titan”, here are 5 most mysterious questions

[25-06-2023 11:34 AM]

Ammon News - According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, 5 prominent questions are raised about the accident that claimed the lives of 5 people on board the submarine.

1. What caused the implosion?

What is known so far is that the submarine exploded from within, according to the US Coast Guard, while it was embarking on a perilous voyage into the depths of the ocean.

However, the parties involved in the research, including the US Coast Guard, do not yet know exactly how the disaster occurred, and are likely to rely on the data collected in order to strongly suggest a possible scenario.

The reason for this ambiguity is that the disaster occurred in a deep area of ​​the ocean, and at a point that does not allow movement, work and investigation easily.

2. What is the story of the sound?

When several teams were searching for the submarine in a wide area of ​​the ocean, there were reports of intermittent, recurring sounds every 30 minutes.

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But the US Coast Guard denied the existence of a relationship between the sounds and the location of the submarine wreckage, however the sounds will be analyzed at a later time and things that were not known will become clear.

3. Why was it so late to report the disappearance of the submarine?

The submarine’s operator, Oceangate Expeditions, notified the US Coast Guard of the submarine’s disappearance until 8 hours after losing contact with the vessel.

The company did not issue an explanation as to the reason for this delay, while every minute counts when it comes to accidents and disasters.

4. Why did the flight take off despite safety concerns?

There are lawsuits filed against the company for not observing the required safety standards, while a former employee of the company issued several warnings.

But the director of the company, who was among the five victims, had staunchly defended the adventure, saying that someone who was afraid would not even be able to leave their bed.

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5. Absence of a contingency plan

A former passenger on board the submarine talked about the lack of preparation and anticipation for an emergency, when it is supposed to be prepared for various scenarios.

Among the procedures in force is to provide ships and marine vehicles with distress beacons, in order to launch them in case of danger, so that they can guide the location of the accident, if anything bad happens.

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