Netanyahu's ISIS government

01-01-2023 12:00 PM

Ammon News - Dr. Muhammad Abu Rumman

There is relief among the political elites in Amman at King Abdullah II's recent interview with CNN, and his messages therein to the new extreme right-wing government in Israel, the international community, and the United States, especially when talking about a third Palestinian intifada, and the demarcation of clear Jordanian red lines on the issue of Jerusalem and sanctities under the Hashemite patronage.

But what if Benjamin Netanyahu crosses, which he will likely do, the Jordanian red lines, where will that put us on the front line with Israel, especially since the king alluded to that in the interview? An informed Jordanian politician answers me that there are many cards and "cards" still in Jordan's hands. And the speaker adds: Why do we panic?

Well, this aspect is important, especially since it confirms clearly and clearly that extremist religious currents are the strongest today in Israel, and that there is a big problem in the Israeli house, and that they hold values ​​that contradict what the international and Western community declares, not only in terms of the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinians, Rather, even in terms of the rights of the Israelis themselves, and it is assumed that this issue will be invested heavily in the Arab media and friends in the Western media, and to promote the danger of the new government to regional security, and to describe it as an ISIS government from the Jewish angle.

On the other hand, all of this does not negate that we, Jordanians and Palestinians, must prepare for a very difficult stage, especially if the upcoming presidential elections in the United States bring a right-wing friend who is extremistly pro-Israel, and with the presence of international, American, and unfortunately even Arab lobbies that absorb shocks. It is no secret that Arab governments, politicians, and intellectuals no longer hide their Zionist tendencies and their overwhelming joy at Netanyahu's return to power in the "Israeli entity"!

My political friend also believes that the occurrence of a new Palestinian uprising is dangerous, because it implicitly means the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, which has been reeling for years. Finally, the audio leaks of the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hussein al-Sheikh, are a new nail in the coffin of this authority, which means an opportunity for the Netanyahu government to exert new pressure on the Palestinians in the 48s to push them to emigrate, and on the residents of the 67s at a time when there were major military confrontations. This means the return of the new danger of transfer, which paves the way for a solution to the major Israeli dilemma represented by the "Palestinian demographic bomb", especially since the world today is preoccupied to the tip of its ears with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and is unaware of what is happening in Palestine, and the entire region is no longer a priority for it!

Once again, despite the validity of this view, the Intifada itself may be an indispensable card for the Jordanian decision-maker to strike at the assumptions on which the Israeli government built its agenda first, and to push the international community and the West to pay attention to the fact that the issue of Jerusalem and the Israeli racist policies threaten to blow up the entire region. . And if the new intifada falls under the smart political agenda, then it may represent an important way out in the indirect confrontation with the Israeli right-wing government, and saving Jerusalem from the Judaization process will inevitably be among the priorities of the new government.

In any case, King Abdullah II's letters represent, finally, a Jordanian confirmation and a new decisiveness that Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue are an integral part of the vital concept of Jordanian national security, and cannot be dealt with as a secondary matter or an issue outside the jurisdiction. Therefore, it is imperative that scenarios and options be put on the table, and that there be a clear and significant role for Jordan in designing the position of the Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian forces to deal with the dangerous threat to all.

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