Candidates Programs: Local Administration and Municipal Council Elections as a Model

[20-03-2022 01:47 PM]

BY Prof. Younes Megdadi

Since His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect him, took power, Jordan has witnessed a set of constitutional and legal reforms, which in turn have opened a wide scope for the democratic and participatory approach and in all the official and civil institutions of the Jordanian state with insistence on working with this approach in word and deed, thanks to the directives of the leader of the country to be this The real key approach towards participatory and aimed at employing the energies of everyone, loaded with sincerity, dedication and patriotism towards building society, based on its ambitions and future aspirations, and the evidence abounds, and after a few days we are on the verge of a national entitlement represented by the elections of the local administration and municipal councils. Everyone agrees that the election fund will produce a number of candidates to be the title of programs aimed at change and community development, so that everyone can seek a qualitative change in performance and the quality of services provided to all, not to mention the intellectual change in the good management of public work files in local administration institutions and municipal councils.

A few months ago, we witnessed the movements of those wishing to run for municipal councils and in consultation with their electoral bases, but we did not witness any of them with a realistic and declared work program that touches the conditions of the municipalities and the needs of the local community with the aim of improving services, and addressing all problems and obstacles within tactical solutions sought by the local community, and at the same time As everyone knows that the municipal councils have long ago been marred by many outstanding problems administratively, financially and technically, and from here many see that one of the reasons for this situation was the absence of development and reform work programs for candidates for municipal councils in an effort to improve public services to the citizen, which are supposed to be The basis for the nomination and election of candidates, which we did not see in the posters and the beautiful pictures of the candidates that are spread on roads and buildings, and in exaggerated sizes, without referring to their electoral programs, which the citizen is eagerly awaiting with great respect for all, which stopped many followers of the public issue.

f we talk more frankly and with the absence of work programs for the candidates, we will find the motives for candidacy among the majority of the candidates, which are not hidden from anyone, stemming from personal and family motives, social status or position, neither more nor less. It is also noted that there are a large number of candidates from the repeated names in the elections race for council's former municipality. In this regard, we frankly say that the motives for candidacy and the absence of work programs for the candidates do not serve the public interest of the municipal councils, which stops the citizen from paying attention to going to the voting booths, and thus we will lose the weight of this entitlement, which we consider a national duty and supportive of the reform process and the democratic approach towards public work that we all aspire to.

Hence, we see that the culture of public work and patriotism must be immersed in a set of national and societal principles rooted in the thought and culture of the candidates to be the true identity of all, which we look forward to directing these energies towards serving the country and the citizen while staying away from narrow personal agendas, which many see as a reason for lack of convictions the voter from interacting with an important national entitlement that affects everyone's life.

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