UFOs could be alien drones visiting Earth from ancient civilisation, professor claims

[31-07-2021 01:51 PM]

Ammon News - Following the Pentagon's dramatic UFO report, Harvard's Professor Avi Loeb thinks the flying objects could be artificial intelligence probes visiting the planet from an alien civilisation.

UFOs could be artificial intelligence drones visiting the Earth from an ancient advanced alien civilisation, a professor at one of the world's top universities has claimed.

Harvard astrophysicist Professor Avi Loeb has launched a new mission to attempt to answer the question of whether humans are alone in the universe.

It has been dubbed the Galileo Project and aims to use science to potentially identify anything in our skies that can be 100% said to be of alien origin.

He branded some of his scientific peers as "closed minded" and is seeking clear evidence of extraterrestrial life in his studies.

Professor Loeb came to prominence in 2018 when he suggested that space oddity Oumuamua which flew past Earth could be a piece of alien space junk.

He told the Sun Online: "It could be something from an extraterrestrial origin - and most star formed before suns, billions of years before, and just imagine a civilisation that predates us by a billion years.

"It's enough time to send a chemically propelled space craft with artificial intelligence out into the world that is autonomous.

"That is required because the distances between stars are very long - you have to behave autonomously - and I can imagine equipment that was put in place by civilisations a billion years ago.

"All you need is one [civilisation] and that is enough to populate the entire galaxy with self replicating probes with AI."

Professor Loeb's comments come after the bombshell UFO report by the US government that refused to rule out aliens.

The Pentagon said the UFOs spotted by the US Navy could not be explained, and Professor Loeb thinks the findings could be the "tip of the iceberg".

The expert has accused the scientific community of "shying away" from the issue and "drawing the curtains" around Earth over the past 60 years.

He added that he "hopes it will bring good" to the planet.

It has previously been reported that the Pentagon is believed to have in its possession a 23-minute video of multiple UFOs.


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