To the government, so as not to remain in captivity

14-04-2021 04:53 PM

By Maher Abu Tair

Since the inception of the incumbent government, we have been in the middle of a crisis following a crisis. I wonder if that was just bad luck or just a chain of coincidences. Or is it that there is too much on the plate and the spread of crises and problems is the natural consequence of that?

Some of the crises are linked to this particular government, while some have been inherited from previous governments and others have been even bigger than that. In all cases, we are in a very difficult situation and the government is helpless, stunned by the flood of crises, the multiple Cabinet reshuffles, and ending with the most recent, most sensitive file.

Anyway, the government cannot afford to remain hostage to these whirlpools, whether natural or fabricated, and honestly, it should go back to its original agenda, instead of being cornered by such crises into reaction, being a passive receptor or falling into complete paralysis.

There are files that need to be solved, including the ones of the economy, budget deficit and indebtedness, political reform, the pandemic, investment, freedoms, parliamentary elections, Election Law, professional associations elections, municipalities, the Landlords and Tenants Law, debt defaulters and many more other files that need to be addressed. The last thing we need is to remain under the effect of shocks caused by episodes like the sacking of ministers, then the Salt incident and finally the most recent incident, not to forget others falling between them.

Sometimes the government benefits from the lack of the public’s attention, when people are too busy with other emerging issues, where the government is not involved. On other occasions, the government benefits politically from crises that go beyond control, like the rise in COVID-19 infections, despite the partial responsibility of the government here.

So let’s go back to normalcy, in other words, to the performance of the government when business is as usual. When it is doing something to address the issues facing it. The multiplicity of crises and pressures might, if the government is not focused on its agenda and basic missions due to emerging crises, cast doubt on the government’s ability to sustain its operation, which is a natural consequence. However, in the present case, the main goal we seek is perhaps stability and the drive to keep the government in place. But the government has also to help itself. First, it should not allow any crisis to abduct and paralyze it. Second, the government should take the lead again, instead of remaining, like the public opinion, in a state of shock because of the frequency of crises. Third, the government should get rid of the burden on its back brought about by the crisis, and move towards handling its key files, because life must continue and we must move on.

All want Jordan to remain stable. But having been, for months, stuck in a state of passiveness brought about by the series of crisis that have occurred, we should not surrender to this state, as this is dangerous. Like a natural person, the government should rid itself of this state and go back to normalcy, addressing outstanding files, restoring normal life, and helping people regain their normal lives.

This is not negative criticism of the government. We acknowledge that there are crises it has caused, but others were bigger than it and a third type that was inherited from former governments. But the truth remains is that the government was overwhelmed with crises over the past months and with open files, which has led to sidelining or weakening it. In other cases it stood frozen like it was in a minefield. We might sound like we are justifying the status quo, without any intention to. However, this does not prevent the government to break free its captivity and go back to its normal business, working on and improving its program, so that life would go normal again and the government is no longer a victim to these crises, unable to survive without life support.

The government must update its plan in the coming stage; otherwise, it will remain just another player, like all the fatigued actors in Jordan, and vulnerable to crises. It is not acceptable for a government to be unable to rise and manage domestic matters again.

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