Apostolic Churches modernized on a daily basis

[20-02-2021 11:08 PM]
Fuad El Karsheh

When spaces for freedom and expression are available, and platforms for dialogue and methods of communication are modernized, this does not mean changing the origins or the past and present of some matters. It is crystal clear that some are bothered by the activity of the Roman Orthodox Church, those who previously and recently sought to describe it as old and dominant. Some even claim that it hinders civilization and stands against urbanization and the progress of modern civil society.

This patriarchal ecclesiastical system, which some try (to flatten) on every occasion while disregarding its origins reality and ecclesiastical depth, has been referred to as being an old and masculine system that excludes the role and presence of women. The church’s system interacted and adapted throughout all times with the progress of human societies, its needs, development while keeping pace with all eras. The church would not have been able to survive, historically and nationally until this day, in other words, for over two thousand years, and would not have been able to preserve the orthodox faith; conveying this faith from generation to another. It is worth mentioning that this applies to all the Eastern and Western Apostolic Churches in the world.

I will not pursue any analysis or interpretations, nor will I go into a historical review of Christianity or the history of the Apostolic Churches and their role in the renaissance and progress of the country, as there matters are clear and available for researchers and reviewers. The story of (schism and ecclesiastical medieval reforms) cannot deceive anyone for these historical events were not raised to touch the essence of faith and Christian teaching.

Therefore, it is not possible to imply that it is a stab in the side of the patriarchates. Apostolic churches or the first churches, which some call historical churches, are lively, existing, ongoing, and youthful; churches that are modernized on a daily basis.

The organizational role conducted by the Apostolic Churches through the Council of Churches in Jordan is not against anyone, and this is what was previously explained by His Eminence archbishop Hanna (Christophors) Atallah on different occasions. However, this organizational role comes at the time of internally rearranging Jordan’s Christian house without violating or restricting anyone’s rights or freedom. An example to this is the request to refer lawsuits to the specialized ecclesiastical courts, as all other Christians in Jordan.

Freedom guaranteed by constitution was not made to give space for chaos, nor did the democratic system in Jordan exist to transcend or pass over the limits of the national Christian identity. Therefore, it is illogical for a group to gather somewhere in the world, name itself a church, and then come to Jordan to ask being granted legitimacy in a random form. Christianity has a long history, rooted origins, and a respected present in this country. Since the time of the emirate, the Jordanian law has regulated the affairs of the denominations and has not excluded anyone and preserved the rights of everyone.

The Council of the Head of Churches in Jordan has not detracted anyone’s worship freedom, but is a comprehensive umbrella for all since 1999.

I do not think that the matter has reached a state of being called a (crisis), as laws and regulations are clear, and violations or surpasses must be corrected and not borne by churches which are recognized denominations in accordance to the law and are officially registered. The issue will still be solved by right communications within the correct framework.

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