The destiny of the presidential election of America

15-10-2020 02:43 AM

AMMONNEWS - By Dr majed shami - Days left for the American people to cast their votes to elect their future leader. Supposedly a gentleman who is capable of showing his followers new ways of thinking and getting them to perform above and beyond expectations.

Theoretically, the candidate who is to be elected to fill the seat of the oval office should have the skills to influence rather than dictate the actions of others; should emphasize collaboration with others rather than control over others; should be able to coach rather than deliver one-way criticism; eqiup and empower his subordinates rather than dominate; and treat his administration members as individuals while fostering teamwork.

That boils down to the question of, who is the most fit and can be trusted person to be the master of the white house for the next four years? Is it the older (Trump: 74 years) or the oldest (Biden: 77 years)?
Nonetheless, to be qualified to fill this position, America needs a person with an overwhelming leadership qualities that has no parallel due to the fact that, as once claimed by ex-president Bill clinton while in office, and I qoute "here in Washington we have the world to think about". More importantly, America needs a president who can be a good guardian for the perfect system of the free nation and democracy. That takes me to recall a journalist who once asked by a reporter whether George Bush the son can run the United States of America, and the journalist responded, and I qoute "we have such a perfect system that an idiot can run it". yet, under the presidency of Donald Trump, it is crystal clear that the United States of America is not only run by an idiot but also controlled by an authoritarian president who unleashed his ego to skyrocketing, and intentionally maneged to breakthrough the perfect system of the USA, rigiding it to achieve his hidden agenda.

That necessitate to deliberately discuss whether Trump is an idiot or smart?.

This issue is debatable because as he once declared in a presidential debate, when Hillary Clinton questioned him, about not paying his federal taxes, he quickly responded and I qoute "because i am smart". Yes, he is a smart real estate developers, but an idiot politician. An idiot politician that is busted, disgusted, could never be trusted. Not strange for a person who never claimed a seat in the senate or the congress or being a governer or mayor. Not even served in the military to achieve his self-actualization to be all he can be in the army, therefore, no surprise for the commander and chief, to accuse his soldiers, who are fighting abroad in the name of liberty and died in wars" a punch of losers and suckers". He is a president who extend his leadership power from coercion but has no understanding how to put to use referent, legitimate, reward, and expert power.

A president who ignited the eruption of protest as he failed to tackle the issue of "black live matters", resulted from the tragic killing of George Floyd, thus, unable to heal the nations wound by taking actions vested in the oath he sworned on the day of his inauguration. He is a president who wants to divide the nation rather than unite it, so he can prevail. A president who adopted the slogan of "law and order", should starts with himself to be a good American citizen by abiding to the rules of law and order, kindly paying his taxes rather than massive tax avoidence, moreover, the staggering 421 million in debt that is questionable as to where these money came from, and if it comes from foreign governments, thus, making him a target to foreign adversaries, accordingly, threatening and geopardizing national security, adding to it the issue of conflict of interest as a president of the United States.

In Gods name, how could he claims that he is the president of law and order when all roiting, looting, and killing black innocent people happened on his watch?

Moreover, he is the president who failed to manage the pendamic with no national plan to mitigate the corona virus, downplaying its risk naively putting American lives on risk, with the death toll reaching 219000 and cases almost 8000000, accusing Democratic-controlled states of mismanaging the pendamic, for reelection purposes, seems to be ignoring that he is the president of all states. It is him to be blamed for the mismanaging of the pendamic when he refuses to abide by the CDC rules to fight the Corona virus, not only that, but he praises his supporters for not wearing masks without any tiny conerns about their lives. Moreover, the mounting lies and sarcasm he committed about the virus and the tests, also, claiming that America is doing better than any other country in the world.

To succeed in your endeavor, you have to underpromise and over deliver, but in the case of president Trump "he overpromise and underdeliver.

This kind of Arab authoritarian leadership style that is adopted and implemented by president Trump, who declared to accept his nomination for a second term, in the rose garden of the white house, is too dangerous for the democracy and for the perfect system of America, instead, he should be impeached prior to the 3ed of November election day, to save America from the unknown or the possibility of chios. Evidenced by the fact that, as he claimed, if he looses the election, it is because the election is rigid, hence, declaring that he might not accept the results, On the contrary, if he wins the election it will not be rigid, as if he is adopting the slogan of George Bush the son when once said and I quote "you are either with us or against us" when he declared unjust war on Iraq.

His aproach might lead the USA to a kiosk, especially with militias of blindfolded supporters, the far right neo-fascist, whom he called upon to "stand back and stand by". As they previously did when they took the streets of kenoshia, armed with their personal weapons, to confront the protestors there, taking Trump's law and order to their hands, evidenced by Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old charged with killing two people and injuring another during demonstrations in Kenosha, yet, the president declined to comment on the incident. Futhermore, the president made things worse by hosting lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey who drew guns on racial justice protesters marching through the grounds of their mansion, those same couples where honored by the president to address the nation in his republican convention, in an unethical gesture accrediting their wrong doing. This is the law and order of the jungle, not the law and order of a historical well established great nation.

When actions speak louder than voice, Trump voice is louder than actions. Being unprepared and not knowing what he wants to deliver to his audience, Trump tried to blow up the format of the first presidential debate at a time when millions of Americans wanted to learn about the reality of their country and to be enlighted about the direction of the future of America if they get to reelect him. All he did was concealing the truth and lying about it, arguing facts, and Ridiculing answers, at a time when he was supposed to behave as a leader. Yet, on the contrary, he behaved as a challenger, in such a critical stage of "America in crises".

Also, In this first chaotic presidential Biden-Trump debate, The chief and commander refuses to condemn white supremacist groups. Is this a president who wants to unite all American or a president who ignites division within his nation? A president who encourges society polarization within the states cannot be a quality leader. This is a man with a lot of hatred to his people whether they are black or white, because by doing so he encourges further unrest in the various states with an outcome that could be disastrous. In so doing he is pathing the way for the integrity of the democracy of the United States of America to be at stake. Yet, his eagerness to stay in the white house ignited him to threatening there won't be a peaceful transition of power, presuming ahead of time that the election will end up in the supreme court.

It make sense for a man who cares about his own interest rather than the interest of every day american.
This country needs a president who has the experience, the compassion, and the character to lead, someone who believes in the American dream not as declared by vice president Mike Pence, and I qoute "this country needs a president who believes in America. Mr president, shape up before you ship out on november 3ed, so American will want to remember you.

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