The art of crisis management: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan VS (COVID-19)

[25-04-2020 10:51 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Elia Rabadi - The crisis can't be managed with the same minds that caused the crisis, this is a clear principle in a civilized society like Jordan society.

Thus, in order for us to proceed to the stage of change and reform, we must seek the help of minds that brought us to what we have been referred to.

This is exactly what all countries need today in response to face the spread of CORONAVIRUS.

Jordan changed the course of CORONAVIRUS inside its own borders and cut its chain of human spread outside the scope of a single home, despite the fact that Jordan is a poor country compared to neighbouring oil countries, in addition to lack of resources and what it faced with the problems of high indebtedness, that makes Jordan have little potential in the face of emergency conditions, such as the CORONAVIRUS that invaded all the world.

Nonetheless, most modern countries -including countries in Europe- are failed to face up the invaded CORONAVIRUS. As the situation has become tenser with increased the number of injured and fatalities has increased. On the other hand, in Jordan, the way of dealing with CORONAVIRUS was different and it determined stable.

The Jordanian government was working in close cooperation with world health organizations (WHO) side by side with competent state institutions and other stakeholders from the public and private sector. At the time of writing this article, the number of injured and positive cases in Jordan has not yet reached 450 !!

Since the beginning of the crisis in the Middle East, the Jordanian government has made wise steps; all those arriving from abroad after 7/MARCH were placed on a quarantine, after all, flights which come to and from the Hashemiat Kingdom of Jordan were suspended, with the closure of all border crossings, the beautiful thing about this is that the quarantine operation was for citizens inside (5 stars) hotels in the dead sea region, away from areas of overcrowding, and all of this was at the expense of the Jordanian government.

Therefore, because of the Jordan and world difficult health conditions and to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, the Jordanian government by virtue of paragraph (A) in the article (4) of Jordanian national defence acts no. (13) Of (1992), the council of Ministers Issued the decision to activate the defence act which approved and signed by his Majesty King Abdullah II, then emergency was declared, universities were suspended and school closures, the government also asked citizens to stay in homes, after that the curfew was imposed in several locations side by side with the deployment of armed forces there.

What is known, in the other countries the presence of the armed forces on the streets is the scary and appalling thing for the people, but Jordanian today presented an example to the whole world, which stood side by side with the government and armed forces without any fear in confronting and eliminating this dangerous virus which named CORONAVIRUS.

Despite Jordan limited natural and financial resources, the hard political situation, and the international developments currently affecting the region, the Government is making a major effort in meeting the challenges of the dangerous of Coronavirus, and must continue, to achieve the dictum of his Majesty King Hussein (RIP): "the human is the supreme value of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan."

Finally, May GOD bless and protect The Hashemiat Kingdom of Jordan and the entire world from this Virus.

Consultant international relations and legal researcher.

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