After meeting in Israel: America may adopt Bottom-up approach against Iran.

27-06-2019 08:02 AM

AMMONNEWS - By Dr. Kamal Alzghoul - It seems that the US president has returned to the usual path of American foreign policy, and this was clear when he did not strike Iran after the American drone was shot down over the territorial water of Arabian Gulf .In addition, President Donald Trump said that John Bolton is one of the "hawk's Team" and listens well whenever it comes to talk about the US's national security which has no space for errors based on a hasty decisions.

Two basic points suggest that the US President has returned to consult the making- decision experienced team in his cabinet ,First, he didn't respond directly to the drone's incident that happened over Arabian Gulf water , which proves that President's tweets have nothing to do with decisions being taken in the White House, because the White House knows well that a comprehensive war cannot succeed without new EU-US coalition as it happened in the war on Iraq and the during the war on Afghanistan.

Second, the Russian-American-Israeli meeting, which was attended by US national security adviser John Bolton, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and Israeli Security Council chief Meir Shabat, came to announce a bottom-up approach against Iran.

Militarily, American advisors with Israeli Air Force may begin to clean up Iranian militias in the region, and, it became clear that Syrian theater took the first priority to engage with Iranian Militias in parallel with setting up an economic peace plan for the Arab Israeli conflict, and the second priority would be the Yemeni theater by supporting the Arab alliance forces.

In order to avoid all-out war ,America gradually starts to build up an effective policy, so Russians may participate to eject Iran from Syria, and Bashar al-Assad may be replaced if he refuses to do so, but at the same time, keeping the pillars of Bashar's regime is possible to find a transitional political solution in Syria. Therefore, practical escalations between Iranians, Syrian regime and Russians may start. The rhetoric between Iran and Russia may be escalated. "America is planning a dangerous scenario for Iran" Lavrov's said (Russian secretary of state ) and this statement was a message to Iran to leave Syria. The Syrian opposition may take a long-term approach to impose a new reality on the ground.

In summary, the economic sanctions combined with the US militarily engagement with Iran's in Syria, in Iraq and in Yemen, represent the new and clear US's strategy which is being demanded by Democrats as well as Republicans in the US Congress. Generally speaking for U.S, fighting Iranian branches on the ground in Syria is the step to destroy the Iranian central regime before it activates the centrifugal force in the Bushehr nuclear reactor.

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