Is Iran surprised by American presence in the Arab Gulf!

[09-05-2019 06:13 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Dr. Kamal Alzghoul- When the United States declared that there is no intention to change the Iranian regime, it means that there are many common interests between the two countries. But whenever it comes to talk about Iranian Nuclear Plant the issue becomes about the matter of Iranian expansion in the region. Donald Trump's Administration is not ready to endure the economic costs of any war, in retrospect; Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S forces from Syria and Iraq came to cut the expenditure over U.S Army in the Middle East.

Particularly, Showing off forces in the Arab Gulf by sending the American aircraft carrier “Lincoln” with its B-52 bombers is delivering two messages, one to Iran and another to North Korea. First message is to force Iran to stop uranium enrichment and to stop producing centrifuges related to the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant , and another transitive message to keep going in assertiveness to deter North Korean Nuclear Plant.

U.S is pushing its allies to participate in stalling Iranian oil exportation to the U.S rivals such as China and North Korea. In the past years, U.S tried to give Iran a high rank to be the Middle Eastern police officer but it failed because Iran exceeded the red line when decided to build its Nuclear Plant .As the semi-conflict between U.S and Iran escalated, limited strikes against the Nuclear Site in Bushehr is on the table of U.S Military if Iran intercepts the international maritime movement through Hormuz Strait in the territorial water .

At the end, Iranian insistence on the regional expansion will be the reason for the U.S to extract Iranian regime by force if the Revolutionary Guards leadership in Iran takes the wrong decision to enter the war. In addition, the convergence of interests between U.S and Iran in Iraq may take Iran to rethink its strategy in the region. Eventually Iran may accept negotiation with U.S after ending the off of forces taking place in the Arab Gulf.

Iran Used to the usual presence of U.S in the Arab Gulf but not like the way Donald Trump does, and that was stated by Ali Vaez Iran Project Director of International Crisis Group. Generally speaking, the convergence of American Iranian interests in many places in the Middle East made Iran surprised by U.S recent escalation. So that, Iran may try to renegotiate the Nuclear Deal again to avoid any clash with U.S. The reason behind avoiding the clash is that Iran doesn’t want to lose its presence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen which may lead to siege Iran by economic sanctions and change its regime by force.

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