International Workers’ Day: A Sacred Work is Evoked

08-05-2019 05:47 AM

AMMONNEWS - By Madeleine Mezagopian - Many countries worldwide dedicate today to workers, celebrate and appreciate their roles and achievements, albeit leaving behind a sacred hardworking workers whose profession is overlooked if not undermined.

“I don’t work, I am a housewife.”
“We support and encourage the entry of women into the labor market with the establishment of kindergartens wherever women have work opportunities.”

The former statement is the usual response of mothers who themselves underestimate their most demanding multifaceted role, keeping in mind one bread earner, whether men or women, is a characteristic of today’s considerable number of families worldwide including Jordan.

Whereas the latter statement was accentuated by a speaker during the centennial celebration of ILO.
While women themselves underestimate their roles as leaders of families, meeting the needs of their children and their spouses and attending to the essentials of the house at large including managing house economy.

Those advocating the status of women in the labor market, instead of introducing this role as one of the most challenging labor of diverse responsibilities, promotes moving this profession from the family institution to other educational institutions. However, the great contributions of these advocates in enhancing the rights of workers at large are highly valued.

In the light of the above mentioned, it is high time to revisit this role starting with the title of this most hard labor. Family custodian or family caretaker are two possibilities,

Further, this point of departure must be followed with a crucial step of establishing syndicate or for family custodians/caretakers which, like all professional unions, are designed to tackle relevant rights and challenges, including how to meet all the physical, psychological and mental needs of children and of the spouses.

This said, to reward this profession is a must. Whether in form of monthly allowances which can be well translated in the developed countries and other privileges which can be served in both developed and developing countries. Or through highlighting this revered work during international occasions like today, when the public and private sectors adequately reward role models of family custodians/caretakers, males or females, especially those serving the needs of vulnerable family members, both adults and children.
Last but surely not least, through giving credit to this profession, not only justice is served pertinent much disregarded arduous profession. But equally family life is honored if not saved, and foremost the dignity of this work is preserved and enhanced.

Happy International Workers’ Day and Big Thanks to Great Family Custodians/Caretakers wherever you are.

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