Both expanded ministerial modification and major variations are projected

26-03-2019 11:31 AM

AMMONNEWS -By Elias AlAwad - The Jordanian sight is packed with accelerated happenings and provoking details, the capture of the defendant in the forged cigarettes case, Awni Moutee’ and his associates, AMMAN’S drowning, directing a group of national security senior officers to their retirement, the Hashemite custody shattering, the normalization debate at the parliament, "Algharimat" affair, the late designations at senior commanding posts, the exploring of the Recent visit of the King to Washington , which was defined as the substantial one, As well as the commentaries campaign that attained some members of the Royal family, which specifies a new prospect.

The Jordanian scene details are still quite enigmatic until the moment, with only one true element which is the survival of the polity of dr. Omar Al-razaz form departing to conclude the existing phase, which should be over by the rule expiration time of the current parliament council , by the use of a wide amendments along with a revised election law to discard the standing overloading and to a balletic parliamentary view , down to the familiarity of the parliamentary governments bureaucratic swift procedures to cool off the internal bloc, using tools and individuals that profound institutions are thrived with that will supersede the previous technical headship.

The Deputy Prime Minister “ Rajaee AL muashir “ appeal for the postponing of the trusting position sitting for a number of ministers, including communications & information technology minister Muthana Gharaybih other than water & irrigation minister Eng. Raed Abu Al Saud, which means the departure of the both of them with the expanded planned amendment without the "confidence" worry, which points out The orientation of the Jordanian state towards the "expanded amendment” and moving away from the "leave" station that had overcame during the period that was just before the date of ” London Conference” to help the Kingdom tend to self-reliance which fulfils a Royal vision.

If his Majesty's interview should be linked to the current law amendment, then that should ensure a wider political and social representation at the Parliament and give the parties the chance to reach the parliamentary government only by the condition of the presence of 80 Representatives and 40 Senates, thus alleviating the country's economic costs and producing a new faces which might lead The next stage.
That assumption promotes the opportunity for Dr. Omar El-razaz to stay in office for an additional term and for the expanded ministerial amendment, in conjunction with the start of a movement towards a new Parliament after the end of current Parliament's general mandate underneath a new law, which should dispose of the “phony loyalty” professional’s overcapacity.

The” Innocent” and the “not innocent” consequences and bonding of the "cigarettes" case files with the subsequent of corruption suspicions and the emerge of causes related to brokerage, bids and assignments within the "Velvet" class as well as the “Algharimat” case which has begun to embody the shape of the “FOREX" litigation, signifying a trade penetration at the expense of the homeland and its sons.

global vagueness and local skepticism about the deal of the century also contributed in the upsurge of compression on the Jordanian inside file which is already exhausted by the unpleasant economic situation, and in dramatizing the increasing doses of rumors about the internal situation, until the King in ALzarqa confirmed that the Palestinian and Jerusalem cause is a red line, as well as the continuity of the Hashemite guardianship over the sanctuaries in Jerusalem and that Jordan will never be a surrogate homeland for Palestine.

Basting outside the saucer and the trend towards the axis of “resistance and reluctance" posed by Tehran-Damascus- hizb Allah –Hamas may overthrow the House speaker Eng. Atif Al-Tarawneh, which appeared during the Arab Parliamentary Union Conference and it’s dissuasion about "Iran's role in the region" and about the help of some Representatives and dealers For an economic road towards the reconstruction of Iraq and Syria, which enraged the Americans, where the commercial attaché threatened the Representatives and traders to punish who ever tries to cooperate with Syria.

Tarawneh will also have to hold the bear of the contacts between Jordanian and Syrian parliamentary Representatives and the invitation of President of Parliament Hamouda ALsabagh to attend the Conference of the Arab Union and supporting the same hub in terms of logistics to stop the Arab normalization with Israel and the visit to the Iranian capital of Tehran even if it came under the label of " parliamentary meetings”. This approach of his will be educed in the future.

Other than that, the social networking platforms of the local media had an unprecedented commentary and analysis for a really sensitive files that once was defined as an internal affairs, as the sendoff of a security major officer form the topmost security department that is acknowledged as the State's political mind and the specialized one at its internal affairs, which prepares a "new build" Added to what has been done, except with a not less efficiency new concepts and tools than their predecessor.

Meanwhile, Jordanians do admit that the security institutions doesn’t rely on a specific person or persons as it does have a competing great competences and capabilities that can continue the path with a high professionalism, and apart from people, those characters are aware about who the responsibility should be handed to while he is on duty, and will be most likely extremely satisfied.

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