Deceptive Netanyahu

16-10-2018 11:43 AM

AMMONNEWS - By Dr Majed Shami - Mr Netanyahu, couble of months ago, during world cup in Russia, you stunned the world with a video clip in which you appeared as if you are the peace loving maker of the world. I have had a chance to watch your well fabricated video clip addressing the Iranian people with warm, kind, and gentle words, accompanied by a gesture of a human being, inviting the Iranian for peacefull coexistance, pretending that you are an inspiration to peace, and you are not, and you can never be. Here are few humane words, hope they will tickle your eyes and ears, give yourself a chance to review yourself and you will discover that you are a person filled with hatred to any peace love and tranquility.

Before extending your peace loving hand to the Iranian and wishes to play football with them, promising them that you both will be winner, why dont you do that with the palestinian people that are closer to you than Iran and extend your peace loving hand to them, rather than bombarding them every day. Why dont you accept a just peace based on two states resolution so both inhabitants can live in peace instead of your hallucination about the century deal.

Mr Netanyahu you are the last man on the face of earth to lecture about peace when it is not in your dictionary. I would like to give you a humble advice i have learned when i was doing my doctorate in the USA "you can foul some people sometimes but you cant foul all people all the time".

My final word is directed to the jews that are currently occupying the land of palestine. Please extend your hands to the same people you are currently occupying and remember that they are the same people who opend their land and heart when you were discriminated against in Europe.

Those people deserve to be treated with kindness and love for being too nice to you before your taking over their land that was given to you by a falsification of Balfour promise (palestine for the jews). There are enough land in palestine to inhabit both of you. Put your hand with the fascinating palestinian people and both of you shall fascinate the world.

Think of the long term, think of your children if you want them to be safe. Occupation cant last forever but love and kindness can. let us raise the flag of love and kindness and let us sing together "we want to make the Holly land a better place to live" rather than the voice and noise of tanks and weopons of mass destruction. It is time for you Jewish people to tell Netanyahu that enough is enough and the time has come for a new era .

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