Trump and The Cabal

01-12-2016 02:42 PM

AMMONNEWS - By Abduulillah - So now that we are all have been made aware, and after almost every pundit in the world has commented on Mr. Trump; the new President elect of the United States, what more can someone else offer you might ask. Well I am going to try but I would like to take a different tract of thought here.

Let me first start by stating he has been elected, but NOT for the world but for a Country. Granted his election is NOT without concerns on the parts of many from his misogynistic views, his paranoia that everyone else is out to get him, or the country as a whole, so much so that he must go on the attack by making up stories regardless of truth or there veracity, to his many other flaws.

I want to avoid this because to be honest most elections go this way anymore. This type of electioneering has been gaining in popularity over time. Especially since the advent of Television where those who are running for president have to look good (see Kennedy verses Nixon), and if they don’t, they must learn to raise a few eye brows or be marginalized. They must say and do outrageous things. This is more real now with social media having a large following along with its many Trolls and Pundits, but this is for another column not this one.

Trump; assuming this new recount underway by the Libertarian Party Candidate Jill Stein who has now recently been joined by the Hilary team comes up short, which many are predicting,will take office early next year.

Outside of Mr. Trump, to put it kindly, being a novice in the political arena, he does come with something that has gained popularity on the World stage lately, and that is anti-globalism coupled with anti-elitism and ultra-nationalism. Yet the funny thing is he is an elitist (kind of hypocritical if you ask me).

Some might argue that he just is not the best person to carry this torch forward. I must somewhat disagree with this argument, because in my opinion sometimes a fresh look is good,as long as the person elected is smart to notice, and react accordingly in a methodical way, giving valid reasons for or against each of their policies.

Leaders have to be lead, but they must have consensus for lack of a good word. Sometimes they may not get this from their electorate, however, if they are on the right side of a moral argument they may get away with not having consensus and history has shown this time and again. An example of this is President Lincoln and his desire to end slavery. He however was punished later by losing his life to those who felt he had gone too far.

Some leaders get consensus readily by playing to their electorate’s fears, and then acted upon it. Look at Hitler he got the consensus of his people ...not at first, but later they pretty much all went along with him. Now look at Jimmy Carter a very smart and moral President who looked for consensus in everything, that he could not please anyone, except those of higher learning who understood the nuances of his decision making.

So I don’t look so much at the man and what he says, I look at who he surrounds himself with, as they will be the ones who guide and advise him. So far from what I can tell Mr. Trump’s style is to rely heavily on the people he believes can be his best guide. Nothing wrong with that but one must be able to discern an owl from a weasel as they say.

So based on what I know so far of the people he has selected to advise him, he has failed miserably. He might think he is adding people that will shake up the country and the elites (all so far are elites by the way),however, based on his selections so far he is missing the mark. Too often a President, ends up picking the people who once kowtowed to him and believed it was loyalty, and once they got in they played him like a fiddle to aggrandize their own interests and political thought. (See Bush 2).

Mr. Trump is used to saying “Your Fired” to many; he did it on his reality on TV and to Mr. Christie lately, but I am not sure he knows or see’s what he is getting into here. He may be smart in business but I doubt he knows the evil in some people’s hearts when they get so close to a seat of power as much as those he has picked.

Each one of his picks appears not just on the surface but through much vetting by outsiders, as people who have one particular reason for wanting this opportunity. Trust me when I say they are just smart enough to have this one reason. It is NOT to follow this man’s lead but to make him follow theirs.

I would say he has already been swayed to their thinking (or as others argue he is actually the one that is leading them! I don’t think he is that smart!). Theseselections have shown through much of their own lives, careers and what they have said or done in the past to be an ultra-right wing fringe group. Motivated by race, and by ultra-Christian right religious thought.

They are not Anti-Zionist, but are Anti-Semitic, making them one dangerous group for the Middle-East as a whole. Yes it means we are going to see more fiddling around with the Middle-East.

We are going to see them marginalize even more than before Arabs. Muslims and Sephardic Jews or Jews who do not agree with their way of thought or anyone who does not want to conform to their ways. They are expansionist of the most imperial kind. See how they find common ground between themselves and several others on the World stage who have expansionist leanings.

They are a throwback to the Manifest Density crowd of the late 1900’s.A Jacksonian view,that saw the American Indian and the Brown Mexican/Spanish as hindering their “providence” over the free development and imperialist expansion of North America and later Central America and the South Pacific. This group was clearly based on racial doctrine of white supremacy, which granted no claims to lands by anyone that did not look or act like they did. Just like a good Zionist today who believe they have both a moral and religious rights over the indigenous population... These too see themselves as John Wilson stated “the master image or figure which frames and sets their true content as the type of Israel as God’s chosen people”.

They cloaked themselves with religious identity failing to see that Christianity itself is a Semitic religion, not exclusive to whites or European identities, but open to all peoples. They claimed the God of Israel would be among them if they fulfilled his “Covenant” that they believed he would have blessed as he blessed the Israelites over the indigenous “heathen” peoples. They forget that The Israelites of old and present were and are Semitic peoples of varying colors from the Arabian Peninsula and Africa and NOT Christian by faith and religious identity. That in fact Abraham the father of the three (3) monotheistic faiths was from Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) and was himself and his progeny from Semitic origins. That’s right they were all a combination of whites, brown or black peoples.

This ought to scare the Jewish populations in America and Israel; even though they are presently being showered with what appears to be adulation and praise, for one day when these wolves have consolidated there power, they will look to make changes to them as well.

To this end, this Group is not new to the World it is actually as old as time itself. It has found a resurgence in the ultra-Christian right again. First you trumpet the idea of nationalism, then after acceptance you continue to race/color differences, followed by religious differences where only “one common faith can be held in reverence”, demonizing the other. Hitler was a perfectionist at this rhetoric.
So now how do we in the Middle-East and specifically Jordan deal with this Administration?

I would say always, with the truth. If they speak of anything that smells of xenophobia or anti-Semitism (yes Arabs are Semites), we must remind ourselves and them that we people will not tolerate this behavior. Not towards us or anyone. Remember who we are and what we represent.

We need to make sure to speak out against anything what smells of imperialism, by them or any others in the world.

Mostly we need not be afraid to speak out against them, we have nothing to fear, for they are weak. They need others xenophobes and racists to do their bidding, and we have ourselves. But mostly because there are more of us in the World then there is of them.

Lastly; and more importantly let’s not owe anyone with racist attitudes any money or favors. We do not need to be tainted by their warped views such that we have to adjust our displeasure with the way they act to satisfy our debt.

I actually do hope Mr. Trump well, but I must caution us all as to what he has surrounded himself with. He may not be a racist himself, but I can assure you others around him are. Maybe he will see that as well and use that your “FIRED” term to those who he see’s straying from his stated desire to make “America Great” without subjugation of the “stranger” or the disenfranchised.

God Bless Jordan and its People

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