Change for the Sake of Change…Not Always Good

[22-10-2016 09:31 AM]

AMMONNEWS - By Abdulillah - It is strange when reading articles these days emanating from journalists and others in our beloved land. What’s strange about it you might ask! Well; from my perspective many commentators/writers feel we need to change almost anything that might otherwise need minor tweaking simply by changing some of our behavior. Some even go as far as suggesting changing/regulating our laws and behavior which are consistent with our historical identity. Here are a few of the changes that I read;

•Must change the way we teach our children and the curriculum, to espouse democratic, plural and secular views ,
•Must change the way we finance our debt or borrowing,
•Must change the way we vote and perceived unfairness,
•Must change the way we let our public contracts and perceived/actual graft ,
•Must change the way we think about woman issues,
•Must change government workers behavior towards their work.
•We must change the way we generate our power.
These examples and many others seem to be proliferating the airwaves and pages of newspapers. It almost makes you feel that we have nothing going on that’s good in the country.

I am not saying that we do not need some change or that some of it is actually essential; what I am stating is we see so much of this type of rhetoricthese days that I am not sure what to change, if we have laws already in place to affect these so called required changes, or if we even got it correct ever in our history!

Gentlemen; really we need to have a little patience and start to develop some strategy to change one thing at a time; doing it in a sensible, clear, concise, measurable and enforceable way to see if it actually is working or even right or warranted to better our social values, manners, and economic strategies.

Just because it has worked elsewhere or on the surface may appear to be the right thing to do, it may not actually be good for our society, thus creating divisions between classes and ethnic and religious identities.

Let me start with a few examples… This curriculum issue in our schools. Really do we need to make these changes? I am not sure we do!

Firstly; it’s not because I don’t believe in good change, but because we cannot be so sure that this is required in our society which has been teaching for many years.

Nothing wrong with making some curriculum changes if these changes are scientific or the study in question needs updating. But to use the curriculum to change perception or behavior is not only dangerous but state sponsored propaganda.

We start on this road and only God will know when and where this will end. Its best to teach what we already know and teach conflict resolution or even studies showing how compromise and mediation can work if applied correctly. Telling people what to think instead of how think is just wrong in this writer’s opinion.

Secondly; I have yet to see a country on this earth that has gotten their financial/economic situation fully under control. What works some place does not necessarily work in others.

Not all free trade is good and closing ones market to the world or exacting tariffs on others goods is also not good, but at times necessary. It is especially necessary when your market cannot compete with ones that are more capable of producing goods much cheaper, or where their rules can only apply to how you purchase their goods.

Remember, you’re not going to survive too long, nor compete,or even have an industry if all you do is import others goods leaving your industries and factories shuttered. We really need to work on being somewhat self-sufficient, especially when it for food, water and energy.

Just one more if you all can indulge me; As much as we are all aware we do have issues with nepotism, graft, laziness on parts of government workers, and in many cases poor management, that does not mean we are the worst of people or just don’t care. Nor does it mean the majority of us are that way.

In fact I am positive these people are the exception and not the rule.

Do we need more laws to curb them? I for one don’t think so. I think it is a matter of policing the laws on the books and by education that teaches the young how to do,and leading by example.

Teaching your child to brush his teeth so he will have sound teeth later in life is something we can do by example.Being courteous is also something we can all police.

There was a time in or society where the elders would admonish the young, whoever they were, when they saw them misbehave and the parents of the child actually thanked them for doing so. This needs no more laws, or sticks but attention on our parts.

Loving each other is not something we all don’t know or needs curriculum change, we just don’t communicate face to face anymore. The young don’t play with each other or interact with each other. They facetime, Instagram, etc… They really cannot see the others expression when what they say or do hurts the other.

Very easy solution; do more interactive classes, like gym, or playtime or trips during school time. These all can help, as well as some of the course work noted above. For the older kids maybe a few days a month cleaning the communities they live in, or helping the poor or elderly, who yearn to be spoken to.

We are a good people, let’s start behaving the way we always should and maybe even stop bashing and whipping ourselves. We don’t need too many laws we just need to remember who we are. Not what others tell us who and what we are!
God Bless Jordan and its People

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