Egypt As Usual

23-08-2016 04:43 PM

AMMONNEWS - By Feras Werr - This is definitely not the name of a newspaper. It’s just a theme that runs in my mind whenever I take a look at the newspaper headlines on the internet. A fantastic comeback to the political life, the Egyptian government is totally focusing back on internal issues in a super attempt to revitalize its’ economy. From gigantic national projects to successful attempts in redefining laws to encourage more investment within its’ economy that was totally throttled by the mass demonstrations prior to the 30th of June revolution, the Egyptian government is more able to organize a more strategic agenda for its population. Many obstacles may still remain ahead of totally achieving the proper peace that is much needed in the country, however many are still unaware that the Egyptian presidency has achieved an epic step towards the future in thrusting the nation on its proper track. Egypt is on a path of no return, backing away from a very turbulent past, and will remain in a phase of controversial and diverse progress for a short period of time. However with parliament established in the country the essential component of a very logical democratic government has been assembled together, which can help in revitalizing a very healthy internal and foreign political atmosphere in the republic.

Many Egyptian fail to realize that what the clashes before the 30 of June revolution did was totally demolish the political and economic infrastructure of a nation that is categorized as a super power in the Middle East, Africa and Asian continent. With approximately 120 banks closed, massive commercial company closure, an ever growing unemployment list, and war crippled reputation around the world, Egypt never stood a chance to regroup its’ integrity and strength as a nation without the powerful vigor and vision of his Excellency Abdel-Fattah el Sisi. Being a newly elected President just after removing the Muslim Brotherhood from power, His Excellency had a nation that was totally in ruins to rebuild all over again with the help of the government cabinet only. Even where to start could have been a huge crisis as the streets were totally unsettled from the bombings that were taking place every now and then. The responsibility of rebuilding a nation was at the top priority of the government and that is what His Excellency did over the past three years after the latest revolution. The army’s resilient efforts to fight terrorism in the recent past worked, despite the heartbreaking war casualties, and the streets are a lot safer than before. The huge national projects have employed massive labor force, curbing the growing rates of unemployment, and construction is in progress in many areas of the republic. The regional conferences that have happened so far in Egypt with all its VIP guests have proved that there is security in Egypt and that the country is able to host many functions that are vital for its growth. Many companies in the private sector are more aware of the investment opportunities that the county has to offer and the future is as bright as can be. Growth is possible and potential is available despite the remaining obstacles. It’s just a matter of time before the gigantic Egyptian economy will stabilize.

What the current political atmosphere needs in Egypt is more trust in the government. The issues with the ministry of Interior have to be solved in a very mature way by a media that understands that Egypt is still under the lens by many 1st world countries. The efforts of the government may be under danger if the media insists on tackling the issues that erupt every now and then in a vigorous way. As an example the latest crisis between the Syndicate of Journalism and the Ministry of Interior took a lot of heat by the media with the talk shows failing to forward proper solutions to the crisis. All what was heard on talk shows were demands for the Minister of Interior to resign, even by chief editors of major magazines, regardless if this step would place the internal security of the Egyptian nation at risk or not. Similar demands were announced by protestors of the prior crisis which triggered strikes by the Medical community, and which constantly brought to light echoes of part of what triggered the 25 of January revolt. However will every single crisis that erupts with the Ministry of Interior be solved with the resignation of the Minister? Definitely not a very practical solution.

Generally speaking the way that the Media currently deals with the major issues of concern catalyzes a lot of problems and may back fire on the nation’s reputation if unprofessional claims are continued to be made by the media community. Egypt’s Media was a major component in tearing down the authority of the Muslim Brotherhood. Its’ inability in this current phase to play at least a professional objective role in the matters of concern in the nation may continue to reflect a bad image about the capability of Egypt to reach stability. Who will handle this responsibility exactly? Our Media has to understand that operating under the same policy and mentality will not serve Egyptian interest currently. Brining issues under the lens with no sense of responsibility on the way they are handled will not help the government cross over to safety at all. Our media has to mature more and learn some crisis management skills. Solutions are as vital as focusing on the issue so our nations can savor some peace once again.

Will it ever be Egypt as usual with the government trying to constantly push the nation forward when the Egyptian Media and internal calamity are hindering its’ progress? Potentially this could be the reason why the government and journalists are clashing. With the media constantly striving to bring the problems to the screens whilst the government is operating under very stressful situations is an equation that may be driving the Ministry of Interior to press more harshly for breathing space. Problems will arise constantly especially when there are issues that still have to be tackled but logic has it that we should think about solutions as well. There may be proficiency that is needed in various sectors of the government but is there effort in bringing those people of expertise in the system? There are still government establishments that are not working properly but are there attempts to do so? Are we working enough to be tougher than the circumstances because surrendering is definitely not an option..and never will be.

It has to be Egypt as usual or we will begin to lose the war that has cost the Egyptian nation so much to win. Our war was not only with the political parties that failed to bring peace to the Egyptian nation in the recent past. Our war will focus from here on in updating a lot of laws, departments and systems in the nation. This is a war that needs work, keen minds, wisdom, placing the proper people in the right posts, to feel responsible enough to do the job correctly, and to just love Egypt enough to give for its’ sake. Egypt will be more at usual if we stand up for what is right and do what is right and propose the proper solutions. It’s just the way we think that should change a lot of times.

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