Let’s Come Out and Just Say It

15-08-2016 02:59 PM

AMMONNEWS - By Abdulillah - Has anyone wondered why our political, social and personal situation in the Middle-East has not improved, but in fact has actually been receding? I have read so many articles and papers about this issue from those far away and from those that are living it. Many appear on the surface to be spot on, while others a bit wacked and warped. Some come in lists and want the reader to fill in between the lines as to how the writer has arrived at his logicand how to resolve the issue, while others tell you outright why they believe what they believe, and their logic, and even how to resolve it. However, I am always left with this nagging feeling inside they just have not said what needs to be said.

I am even more troubled by the writers who are living in the area, who for some reason are always beating around the issue, as if they were to come right out and say it, they too may be swallowed up by it like a star who’s light might go out as it dances around the event horizon of a black hole in space. Is it the fear of saying it, is it just by admitting to the issue, fear of it coming true may push them over the edge.

Well; I will try to say what they don’t say. Trust me not out of courage, but out of frustration on my part and despair in the people’s faces when I look at them.In almost all of their faces is despair, and they have stopped believing there can be a change to it. They look to the sky always for divine salvation, for they have long given up on the elites of society and those placed in charge to actually have the courage to make the required changes. The loss of hope permeates the area. They cannot escape it any longer, not even in their dreams. They have resigned either to a life wasted, or to going elsewhere where dreams may still come true.

As much as I feel an over-whelming sympathy towards them and in fact myself when I start feeling this way, I am bested by my resolve never to quit, never losing hope in the people and the country I so much love. For those who have lost and are in full despair, I can tell you, please stop this now, right now! This attitude is what is killing you and us. Yes I have said it; the blame is on us, no one else! We did it to ourselves, and only we can make a change. No foreign invader did it to us, we did it to us. We are the ones to blame! We are the ones who invited this disease into our hearts and souls and we should not blame others for our faults.

We are the ones who brought failure, and lack of hope into our midst. We are the ones who asked and bought into alien ideas from elsewhere. We had given up hope in ourselves to be the best, to look for our own ideas on how to repair, to not fear failure, but to look at it as a learning experience knowing that to be achievers and winners there must be sacrifice and hard work. No my brothers and sisters, we stopped looking in the mirror and started looking out the window day dreaming of better days until darkness took over and winter has arrived. The trees are dead, greyness has enveloped our view out the window, the pleasant daydream has ended, and our house is in disrepair due to neglect. Yes our neglect. We neglected its up keep, we neglected our children and their education, we neglected our defense’s, and we neglected everything that makes a people and country great. When wewoke up some of us tried to catch up, but the task seemed so overwhelming. We lost our courage and our resolve; yes we screwed things up, but more depressing is that we gave up so quickly.

So what do we need now you ask? Do we need more money, more educated people, and more determined bunch of elites to lead us? I tell you we need that yes, but that is not what we need first or for that matter too much of. What we need is resolve! What we need is faith; in each other in our Gods blessings. We need this because the task ahead of us is great. It won’t be easy, it won’t be a cake walk, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. We the old need to pass this resolve onto our young so we can stop this despair that has permeated our minds and souls.

So read if you must the articles and books written by those inside and outside. You may get a few good ideas, but none will work for you if you don’t have resolve and faith first. So let’s start with the simple tasks first and get them out of the way. Let’s keep our homes, areas of the town, city and country clean. A clean place to live always makes one feel good when they start a hard task ahead. This can be done by any individual, because a community is nothing more than a bunch of individuals who are working towards the same goal.Forget the naysayers, forget the quitters, they will either die-out or move on.
So for our leaders, and those elites who still want to achieve some following and respect, clear the path in front of us and carry the banner up high in the front, for leading is nothing but lending a helping hand when required and cheerleading your people on.
God Bless Jordan and Its People

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