Lifting the Veil

09-06-2013 05:19 PM

By Jafar M Ramini

Much has been made of this Muslim attire here in the West in recent years. But the veil I am about to lift now is far more sinister.

Any human being with even the slightest interest in the future of the human race needs to examine seriously the veil of deceit, double standards and outright criminal activities practiced by the western world in general and the United States of America in particular since the end of World War II.

The calamity that was the creation of the illegal State of Israel on the ruins of an entire nation was born out of this very deceit and continues to this day. The Zionist movement, from its inception, relied on lies and coercion to advance its ambitions and subjugate those in power to do their bidding. They had the money, they had the will power and they had the tools.

Traditionally they had used their power and influence within the British Empire, but after World War II when the British Empire became too old and too decrepit and had served its purpose an alternative backer was needed. They did not have to look too far. That backer was found in the person of President. Harry S. Truman. The same Harry S. Truman who dropped, not just one, but two nuclear bombs over Japan, knowing full well that Japan was about to surrender and adhere to the demands of the victorious allied forces.

Within minutes of the birth of the new state of Israel and despite the unanimous disapproval of his government, President Harry S. Truman rushed to declare his allegiance and that of the United States of America, to the security and well being of that state. Not so much as a glance was given to the indigenous people of Palestine who had grown, developed and cultivated that land for over 1400 years.

Mr. Truman got his 30 pieces of silver, in a large contribution to revitalize his flagging re-election campaign. A special bond was created between the USA and Israel; one that has continued with successive administrations in America ever since.

One honourable exception to this rule was President John F. Kennedy, who saw the dangers of the influence of the Israeli lobby in Washington at an early stage and did all in his power to curb and curtail it. And we all know what happened to him.

With no one to stand in its way, the Israeli lobby consolidated its hold on the corridors of power in Washington. As Ariel Sharon once said, “We, the Jews, own America. And they know it.”

Yet, American politicians sell this ‘special relationship’ to their electorate as if it was one between equals, with common interests. But beneath that flagrant deceit are the facts. Whatever Israel demands, sometimes even at the risk of jeopardizing the interests of the United States and its people, Israel gets. Without exception. The most important of all is the a blanket cover for Israel in the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council no matter what the excesses of Israel are and the damage that the American reputation and standing may sustain in the process. This was aptly manifested when the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu, having verbally slapped the United States President, Mr. Barak Obama, publicly, was rewarded with 29 standing ovations when he addressed the joint houses of Congress. As if to emphasise who is the boss.

Nevertheless, administration after administration wraps this influence and penetration in a cloak of deceit by portraying Israel as a lonely lamb in a sea of Arab wolves and ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’. Therefore the only ally the mighty democracy of the United States could rely on to further and protect its interests in the area.

Israel has shown its ability to twist the arm of its most powerful ally to go into war against mythical enemies. The American electorate is fed the story that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were against tyrants and jihadists. The real truth is they were fought to eliminate any possible opposition to Israel’s ambitions in the area and if, as a consequence, they killed a few thousand Arabs and Muslims then who cares? The fragmentation of the Arab nation on sectarian and ethnic grounds was achieved and they got their hands on our national resources.

The culmination of this deceit is what we are seeing unfold in Syria. The western powers who have been telling their nationals that the Muslims are coming to get you and that Sharia Law will rule over you and your women will be subjugated are all falling over themselves to arm the very Jihadist groups that they warn their people against. Are you confused? So am I. Who is a good Jihadist and who is a bad Jihadist? And for whom or for what are they good or bad? And what is the endgame if not the continued fragmentation and destruction of any possible opposition to Israel’s ambitions on its way to Teheran? And here I must raise the alarm to you, American tax-payers. If you are not aware and if you do not wake up to the dangers that are coming your way Israel will drag you into yet another costly, bloody war in Iran.
With dire results.

This particular deceit is gift-wrapped with fear over the possibility of a Muslim Iran developing nuclear weapons. Never mind that America’s own CIA has confirmed that Iran has no such programmes. Never mind the 300 hundred plus warheads Israel has and never acknowledges that the leaders of the West never tell you about. And certainly don’t mention that Israel has the sixth largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

How could any one of us believe that such deceit could come from a country that used to be known as ‘ the land of the free’ and ‘the home of the brave’? The answer is yes we can because the United States of America is no longer that land of the free and home of the brave. It is occupied too.

Have a look at the continuous erosion of personal freedoms and liberties in the United States where everyone is kept in a state of fear for their very existence and all in the name of ‘National Security’.
In the words of President Benjamin Franklin: “A nation that sacrifices personal freedom for security deserves neither.”

The veil of deceit is not worn only by the American and Israeli leaders. The Arab leaders wear it too. They have perfected double dealing and back stabbing amongst themselves to a fine art.

For the best part of seventy years they have been telling us, the Palestinians, they are coming to liberate us, while forging relations and allegiances with our enemies. They continue to do so until this day. Otherwise how could you explain the recent capitulation of the Arab League to the demands of the USA and Israel? They pretend to be united in the face of our perceived common enemy while at the same time prostrating themselves at the feet of the USA and Israel. Those same leaders are the people who are trying to sell us now America as ‘the honest broker’ of peace in the Middle East.

America? Honest broker? Do me a favour.

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