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6 suffer from Asphyxia in Karak, Power outage in Tafileh

[1/10/2013 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Six people were rushed to the hospital in the southern governorate of Karak after suffering from suffocation from a gas heater on Thursday, Karak Civil Defense director said.

The six people received medical treatment at a local hospital and are in stable conditions, Karak CDD director Lt. Col. Abdul Hadi Sarayrah said.

Meanwhile, Civil Defense cadres rescued several people who were stranded as a result of heavy snow accumulation in Manshiyeh Abu Hamour in southern Jordan.

Local and national government cadres are working to re-open major roads in the southern governorates that had been blocked as a result of severe weather conditions, Director of the Southern Province at the Ministry of Public Works Bahjat Rawashdeh said.

Karak Electricity Director noted that power has been restored to various areas in Karak, but other areas are still affected by the outage.

Meanwhile, residents in Tafileh filed numerous complaints regarding the recurring power outages in the southern governorate.

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