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Islamists, Pro-Reform Movements demonstrate in Amman, blasting elections

[1/18/2013 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A major pro-reform demonstration was held on Friday in Amman organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and various youth and popular reform movements.

Protesters crowded at the Jabal Hussein vital intersection, Firas Circle, and extended towards Interior Ministry Circle.

The area was cleared of traffic since early Friday morning, in preparation for the demonstration that included a Friday prayer sermon delivered by Jordan Muslim Brotherhood comptroller Hammam Saeed.

The Public Security Department (PSD) has made a comprehensive plan to deal with the major demonstration planned to be staged by the Islamist and pro-reform movements in Amman on Friday, less than a week before the scheduled upcoming parliamentary elections.

PSD spokesperson Lt. Col. Mohammad Khatib said that security forces will take measures to facilitate traffic during the protest, scheduled to be held following Friday mid-day prayer at Firas Circle in Jabal Hussein, nearby the Interior Ministry Circle.

Police blocked all entrances into the vital intersection starting at 7 AM.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), in addition to various youth and popular pro-reform movements called for a major demonstration under the banner of "Popular Legitimacy" to call for tangible reform measures and combatting corruption, while holding steadfast to their decision to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections, slated to be held on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

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