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Security to be Absent during Friday's Mass Rally ~ reports

[10/2/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Media reports on Monday claimed that the security apparatus will be absent during the Islamist-organized mega pro-reform protest in downtown Amman on Friday, which is also expected to witness another simultaneous mass counter-protest.

Al Rai daily newspaper reported from 'informed sources' on Monday that police and security forces will not be present as usual to accompany the protest this Friday for the first time in nearly two years.

The sources claimed that the decision was taken to prevent the security apparatus from being judged to "stand with one side at the expense of the other," the report said.

Meanwhile, the press office of the Public Security Department (PSD) refused to comment on the report that gendarmerie and security forces will not partake in accompanying the two demonstrations.

The Islamist-organized 'Save the Nation' rally on Friday is expected to mobilize over 50,000 participants. Meanwhile, the counter self-proclaimed 'loyalist' demonstration promised to mobilize double that number. Both will hold their rallies in downtown Amman midday on Friday.

Despite rising fears that clashes may erupt between the two counter protests, PSD spokesperson Lt. Col. Mohammad Khatib refused to respond to Ammon News inquiry regarding the report, and did not confirm or deny it.

PSD had issued a statement Sunday morning denying claims made by Islamist leader Zaki Bani Ersheid against the security apparatus, accusing it of "facilitating the 'baltajiyyah" who occasionally clash with pro-reform activists.

The PSD statement considered Bani Ersheid's comments an accusation against all ranks of the security apparatus.

* Ammon News Archive Photo of pro-reform protest in downtown Amman earlier this year.

  • 1 Concerned citizen 10/1/2012 7:31:23 PM

    Sure, but it is their job to be there for the safety purposes of all citizens--both sides, or rather all sides. In any case, they should be responsible for keeping order and the protection of all people, the shops and vendors in the area, as well as public property. If they do not show up, their absence will represent an intentional cause for violence. This news is a call for troublemakers to come and create panic, destruction, and possibly harm to others without fear of repercussions.

  • 2 Google It! 10/2/2012 12:04:15 AM

    Freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations are healthy signs of a stable country. But I'm concerned about the objectives of the opposition and Islamist-organized "pro-reform" protests. They are taking advantage of the political and economical stagnation of the country. However, many of the protesters are true patriots who care for the security and stability of Jordan, and I do sympathize with all Jordanians who strive for better political and economical environment for all. Ending stagnation and better Jordan require the top to allow/implement surgical political and economical reforms, and that must include ending all kinds of corruption and resolving publicly the unspeakable huge corrupt cases from Umnieh to phosphate and treasury lands! That is achievable if we have ONE government (preferably from a credible parliament) for all of Jordan, headed by unexpired/untried ONE strong PM who puts Jordan first, and who must have the courage to say "NO SEEDI" when Jordans' national security is at stake. The one credible government for all of Jordan means the downsizing of the other and stronger "government" known as the royal court which, to serve few, competes with the government of all of Jordan at the expense of all Jordanians. That is one major source for all kinds of stagnation we are seeing today in the country. Few minutes ago, I "googled" the "Royal Court" of the President of the richest and strongest country on earth, aka the White House. I was shocked! The list included the names and salaries for each official! The total number of people who work for the American President and the American Presidency--inside and outside the White House--: 1700!? Compare this figure of a huge and rich country with "our" at least 2000 who work at/for the rc of a small and poor country! We are comparing a country where its budget is 1000s of times bigger than Jordan; its population is more than 50 times than that of Jordan (340 millions versus 6 m.); and its a continent, its geographic size is about the geographic size of all of the Arab world!? This is preposterous! My point is: To end stagnation, defeat suspicious hidden agendas of the forces of darkness, and unite Jordanians around the monarchy, there must be one credible, accountable, transparent and strong government located at the 4th circle! Otherwise, what the Zionist General said few years ago about the leadership of Jordan might, god forbid, come true.

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