600 refugees flee to Jordan Wednesday | Jordan News | Ammon News

600 refugees flee to Jordan Wednesday

[7/5/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Qusai Ja'aroun

AMMONNEWS - about 600 syrian refugees fled Wednesday early morning to Jordan after passing through the borders in the northern city of Ramtha, Ammon News reporter said.

Ten of the refugees were wounded after getting shot by Syrian army while crossing the borders, some of the refugees helped an old injured woman, refugees told Ammon News.

according to a number of syiran refugees, they changed their track to circumvent border security personnel. and some activists expressed their gratefulness to the members of Jordanian army for providing them ambulances and carrying injured to hospitals.

About 140 thousands of Syrians fled to the country since the violence events in different cities in Syria since April 2011.

Recently, UN official called on the Jordanian government to open the prepared camp to host the refugees who live inside the bordered cities(Ramtha, Mafraq, and Irbid).

* Translated by Aseel Mezher / Ammon News Photo (Syrian refugees in Ramtha, Bashabsheh refugees camp By Shaherah Khatatbeh)

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