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In Answer to the Obama Declaration

[5/24/2011 12:00:00 AM]

By Jafar M. Ramini

In all the years I, as a Palestinian, have been on this earth one major question has perplexed me. Why, since the creation of Israel, are successive US Administrations so staunchly with Israel and so vehemently against the Palestinians?

To try to fathom how this has come about I made it my business to study and travel around America to unravel this mystery. I found three simple answers:

1. Ignorance.
2. Biblical
3. The American interest

Ignorance, in the case of the Americans is because of the make-up of the country. The people went about acquiring their daily bread during the week; they went to baseball or football on Saturdays and to Church on Sundays. Their television and local papers were their main source of information, if you could call it that. Most Americans have no real exposure to international events and no real interest in what goes on beyond their immediate surroundings and maybe the State they live in, and possibly the union. It is a vast, isolated and insulated country and as such is easily influenced and manipulated by the power of the Church and the vested interest of certain political parties and their affiliates. In America you can buy a slot on television and sell a packet of crisps, a packet of condoms, God and The President of The United States - all in the same slot.
We are guilty of not making use of this vacuum. Instead we left it for the Zionists and their propaganda machines to exploit and direct for their own interest. Is it too late to educate the American masses? No it isn’t. There are many movements presently in America demanding change in American domestic and foreign policy. And the reason for this upsurge of informed demands are the obvious ones.

Facebook and Youtube.

Mass communication via the Internet is challenging the status quo and the biased, established press of America. Every day I see taboos being broken, boundaries being challenged, ideas being advanced. By young and old alike, who have drive, enthusiasm and an insistence on knowing the truth

Biblical. America was established on biblical ideals, simply because most of the people who migrated from Europe and elsewhere to the New World were from persecuted religious sects. What they had in common was their blind faith in the bible. They fought their War of Independence against Britain and their banner read ‘In God We Trust’. They fought their own civil war between north and south, and again it was in the name of God; ‘In God we trust’. They waged many wars overseas, all in the name of God. The church in American life is very important. And why not? They are Christians and their belief in the bible should be respected. But if it affects our lives and the future of our children then it should not be left unchallenged. I am yet to see an Arab or a Moslem theologian who has taken the challenge to the American people, not on a confrontational platform, like Al-Qaeda, but in a dialogue between the faiths towards forging a better understanding. Again, we were not engaged in this area and left the Zionist movement to monopolize it and form allegiances with the various Christian churches in America. Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general are paying for this apathy.

American Interest. This is the untouchable, the unmentionable, the one we are all required to worship. Our oil and strategic position in the world have made us a major target for their ever-expanding economy and unquenchable thirst for oil plus their further ambitions around the world. America wants our oil on the cheap; they want to sell us their equipment and technology at a premium and they want to keep us divided and fragmented in the name of the sacred cow that is American Interest.

Again, we are to blame for this. We Arabs have three weapons at our disposal. None of which we have used.

Our strategic position in the world, our oil and the huge, qualified and educated youthful populace. Not one of these weapons has been used for the good or the advancement of the Arabs. Least of all to quell the thirst of Israel for expansionism and colonization. On the contrary, our wealth is being used to quell the will and aspirations of our people. If we were to unite and use our resources, not to challenge, but to protect our people and our interest, the Arab world will be a better place.

Three years ago when President Obama came to power I wrote this letter:


What a momentous month.

I, as a Palestinian grandfather, who has been living in England for forty years, have seen, experienced and noted many changes in my adoptive country. Not all of them for the best.

For me and for my people November has always been an important month.
November 1917 saw the Balfour Declaration.
November 2008 saw an historic election of a youthful, articulate African American calling for change as President of the United States.
November sees an entire free world daring to believe in the ideals of that President Elect.

At this extraordinary time, dare I hope for an Obama Declaration, making the Middle East peace process a real priority and not just an item on the agenda of America’s foreign policy?

We had a hint of that declaration when President Obama made his grand speech in Cairo. We were all elated and we thought change, real change for the better was imminent.

Since then the disappointments and setbacks continue apace. Not only did Obama not fulfill his earlier promise the entire administration went into a self-imposed hibernation, allowing Israel to create hard facts on the ground and to consolidate its grip on Palestine. Let us not forget that during this hibernation ‘Operation Cast Lead’ against Gaza was carried out. America turned a blind eye to the human misery, but at the same time was actively supplying Israel with the most highly efficient war technology they had at their fingertips.

Now the Peace Process has faltered, yet again, Mitchell has resigned, Ross, the Zionist has replaced him as the Middle East Envoy for the US and the state of paralysis continues. Then along comes The Speech on May 19th.

How I wish that Mr. Obama had stayed in hibernation. His speech on Thursday offered nothing to the Palestinians. On the contrary it actually took even more from us while giving even more, if that is possible, to Israel.

It has been said that Mr. Obama has taken a bold step to declare a peaceful resolution to the Palestinians/Israeli conflict by mentioning that it should be based on the 1967 borders. The word ‘based’ leaves a lot to the imagination. Add to that, the many provisos and conditions that even Mr. Netanyahu himself couldn’t have dreamed of.

How bold is it for the President of The United States of America to adhere to the rule of law and to heed the call of the international community for justice? Every conviction and every decent human principle deplores and rejects the acquisition of land by brute force. Mr. Obama needs to look no further than UN resolutions 194 (right of return), 242 and 338, land for peace resolutions. All of these were ignored and are still being ignored by Israel with the tacit approval, if not the encouragement, of successive US administrations. His so-called 'bold move' will be paid for, as usual, by the Palestinian nation. A Jewish democratic State? What about the Arab Moslems and Arab Christians, 20% of the population of Israel, who have been living within Israel since 1948?

Small swaps of land? What do you call a small swap of land on a map? De-militarize Palestine, guaranteeing the security of Israel? How could we guarantee the security of a country with the fourth most powerful army in the world? To top all that, Mr. Obama declared that the status of Jerusalem and the refugee problem will be discussed at a later stage when the security of Israel is guaranteed. Can you tell me, Mr. Obama, who is threatening the security of Israel? Do you mean Hamas? With their charter of words? Or do you mean the boys of the Intefada with their stones?

Mr. Netanyahu need not bother to dazzle Congress on Tuesday. Mr. Netanyahu's job has already been done for him by the President of the United States. Does the phrase 'the tail wagging the dog' come to mind? There will never be peace in Palestine, the Middle East or the world while the aggressor cries foul and is applauded and the oppressed cries for help and is squashed.

Mr. Netanyahu, on his part, did not only reject the Obama ‘bold move’, but treated him with utter disdain during their joint press conference in the Oval Office and continued to expand on the greater Israel idea, which was the original idea of the Zionist founders of the state.

To Abu Mazin I say, do not look to Washington expecting a sympathetic ear or an understanding, compassionate heart. We Palestinians do not come into the equation. The existence of our nation does not serve the interests of the United States of America. Your Arab brothers are indifferent to your plight, as they always have been. Israel does not seek peace. Israel does not want peace. Because Israel does not profit from peace.

Our only hope is that the Arab Spring will become the Arab storm and my advice to Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Obama is ‘wake up to reality. The Arab storm is coming and if you don’t bend the inevitable flood that follows could have disastrous consequences for us all’.

And finally, to my Palestinian compatriots, please heed my call. Unite, unite, unite. For fragmentation and different voices only serve the purposes of those against us. One unit, one voice, we stand a chance.

Jafar M. Ramini
Salam Wa Laisa Estislam
Peace Not Capitulation

  • 1 ranman 5/23/2011 3:33:06 PM

    Mr ramini, you are being modest and simplistic in describing what drive the American policy toward the middle east. It’s far more complicated and sinister than just ignorance, church and interest that influence US policy toward the Arab world in general and Palestinians in particular. . It’s a unique once in life time phenomenon where a very small minority group-the JEWS- in huge country managed to hold and control all the levers of power in the one and only super power in history of humankind. America, being the new world country, lack the single most important element of a normal nation…societal coherence and commonality of purpose. American society consists of so many separate and fragmented ethnic groups. These groups have many competing interests and not much in common. Which make them easy to control and manipulate, and in turn, that made it possible for a powerful small minority –the JEWS –to penetrate and organize to take advantage of these facts. What they accomplished is no small feat. It’s the one and only reason Israel exists today.America, and its policy toward the Middle East, simply put, is in the death grip of AIPAC- AMERICAN ISRAEL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE -. Nothing happens, decided and or even contemplated - regarding ISRAEL- Without the blessing of all the Zionist groups in America which is represented by AIPAC. Their power is undisputed and unlimited; they are the most influential group of any ethnic minority or majority in U.S history. They draw their power from very will established and strong connection to the real seat of power in America- THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTIVE. IN the US senate they have 13 Jewish Zionist members out of the 100. And in the house of REPRESENTIVE s, they have 40 members with many of them in leadership positions. Of course there are many other very influential and powerful Zionist in the State Department and the Pentagon .Not to mention the closest two advisors to Obama, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, both committed Zionist and Israeli citizens along with being Americans ... basically the Zionist own America. Palestinians have no chance in hell to make any head way regarding any kind of influence in the U.S. it’s simply not going to happen. The sooner we realize that, the faster we can look somewhere else for strength and backing. When Obama made his declaration regarding the 1967 lines- Even with all the conditions and qualifiers he attached to it- to put simply- it went down like a ham cheese sandwich on Passover dinner. One day later, he was shockingly and with unprecedented display of arrogance and disrespect at the receiving end of a lecture from no other than the war criminal Nazi, Benjamin Netanyahu. Two days later, the same Obama and in front of AIPAC, was forced to backtrack so fast from his initial declaration he was tripping over himself. And he climbed out from the hole he dug himself in and basically put so many conditions on the e Palestinians which made his declaration to be liquefied to nothing.

  • 2 nehad ismail - London 5/25/2011 12:53:59 PM

    I enjoyed reading Mr. Ramini's article and I thank him for sharing his thoughts with the readers. The letter raised some important issues. Ranman's response was robust and strong on detail. However I make the following brief remarks: we must recognize that more Congress members support Israel/Netanyahu than Obama.Netanyahu insulted Obama twice, yet the robots in Congress gave 26 standing ovations to Netanyahu's 15 minute speech.AIPAC runs the Middle East foreign policy. Incidentally AIPAC is the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. A harmless name though Ranman's definition is the more apt.(political action). Here we have the classic epithet which says "The Israeli tail wags the American dog".

  • 3 Alexandra 5/26/2011 11:26:22 PM

    I am interested to see that Ranman describes Jafar Ramini's take on the reasons behind America's solid backing of Israel as simplistic. I would instead use the word 'concise' or 'succint'. As far as I can see both Mr. Ramini and Ranman are what we call 'singing from the same hymn sheet'. They just express themselves in different ways. Where they differ is that in his call for a referendum amongst ALL Palestinians Jafar Ramini is taking the initial step towards Palestinian unity. Vital if you are to succeed in making the world listen. A unified Palestine, marching in one direction,with one voice would be impossible to ignore. Besides, as Ranman seems to agree, without unity amongst the Palestinian nation there is no hope getting solid international cooperation and no hope of a a future. I am a journalist in London and have been writing about the Middle East for over 35 years. I firmly believe that while both men express themselves eloquently Mr. Ramini is looking for support from fellow Palestinians not 'nit-picking' over past history. Let us all try to back this genuine move towards unification. Who knows? It might work.

  • 4 ranman 5/29/2011 2:56:39 AM

    My commentary purpose is to expand on the writer thoughts and ideas and when possible take a detour to another point of view- also to add more details and facts So readers have exposure to the many ways of expressing our thoughts and how we analyzes information. In no way it should be interpreted as knocking down the writer or as you put it -nit picking-. I have nothing but respect, admiration and high regard for Mr. Ramini. (I am only mentioning Mr. Ramini to show my utmost respect to him) I love his writings and i look forward to reading them, Regardless if agree or not, it’s irrelevant. What is important here, are the contributions and the aftermath effect on readers and others who post comments. The intended targets of my comments are other readers and not so much as a challenge to what a writer puts forward. Even though, I don’t see problem with that as well-. You might think I am harsh, rude, and rambunctious. My friends think I just say things the way I see them without trying to dress them up and sugar cote them. I always say if you are not offended by my opinions, just read them again. Furthermore, I want to offer my gratitude and appreciation to AMMON NEWS for giving us the medium and the opportunity to participate. It’s a privilege. And of course thank you Alexandra for snatching this comment out of me.

  • 5 Alexandra 5/29/2011 9:34:05 PM

    Ranman, I love the way you rise to the challenge. As you say, Ammon News provides us with the best possible platform to not just air our views on Palestine and the way forward but to test those views and sometimes adjust them accordingly. As a journalist I always told my younger colleagues 'never think you are going to change the world, never think you're ever going to change so much as an opinion, but live in hope.' By rising to the challenge put forward by Jafar Ramini and by taking on board views, ideas, possibilities that hadn't occurred to us before we are particpating in the best kind of debate that one day, hopefully, might help shape the future of Palestine. As I said, live in hope.

  • 6 Sophie 6/18/2011 7:33:33 PM

    Mr Ramini, I think your analysis of why successive US administrations have supported Israel is both complete and accurate. As someone who lived in America for close to decade I can testify to the truth of the statement "Most Americans have no real exposure to international events and no real interest in what goes on beyond their immediate surroundings and maybe the State they live in, and possibly the union." When you are living in America, the rest of the world seems a long way away and there is very little coverage of international news. I used to watch the news in amazement, finding that the top story would be a police car chase in Los Angeles on the same day that there was an earthquake or a revolution somewhere abroad. Ranman, you are really overstating the power of Jews in America - they do not hold all the levers of power and there are thousands of Jews in the US who oppose what Israel is doing. If there is any group that can be said to have a unique hold on the levers of power as compared to other groups it is the WASPS - White Anglo Saxon Protestants and they support Israel for what they perceive as their own interests.

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