FM conveys message from King to Palestinian President

[27-11-2021 11:58 PM]

Ammon News -

Palestine's President Mahmoud Abbas, on Saturday received Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Safadi, who conveyed a message from His Majesty King Abdullah to President Abbas that focused on efforts to find a real horizon for achieving a just peace on the basis of the two-state solution, and ensuring the provision of necessary economic support to the Palestinian National Authority.

The message reiterated that Jordan will continue to devote all capabilities to support the Palestinian people, and to meet all their legitimate rights.

The Palestinian President sent his greetings to His Majesty the King, and reaffirmed his appreciation for the continuous efforts led by the King to support the Palestinian people, their rights and their just cause.

In joint press statements with his Palestinian counterpart, Riyad Al-Maliki, after the meeting, Safadi said that his visit to Ramallah was upon directives by His Majesty the King to convey a message to President Mahmoud Abbas, "that is mainly related to our continuous efforts to coordinate our movements in order to support the brotherly Palestinian people, and to ensure finding a real political horizon that takes us towards achieving a just and comprehensive peace on the basis of the two-state solution, which embodies the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with occupied Jerusalem as its capital on the pre-June 4, 1967 borders, as the only way to achieve peace."

Safadi stressed that "the starting point is that the status quo cannot continue, there is an impossibility for things to remain in the stalemate they are, because challenges are exacerbating day by day, and a real international movement is required to take us towards effective engagement in the search for a solution to the Palestinian issue, the issue that was and will remain our first central issue."

He said that the meeting with President Abbas focused on three main topics, the first of which "is to continue coordinating efforts to secure the necessary economic support for the Palestinian National Authority, as there are great economic pressures that must be removed, and to open economic horizons to the brotherly Palestinian people."

He said that the second topic is related to maintaining the truce, "and this is a goal for all of us," as they discussed how to maintain this truce by engaging with all actors, "on the basis that maintaining the truce requires not to take any illegal measures that undermine the chances of achieving peace on the basis of the two-state solution, and respect for the historical and legal situation in the Al-Aqsa holy Mosque / Al-Haram Al-Sharif, which you know, based on the historical Hashemite custodianship, is also a priority for His Majesty the King and the Kingdom."

The third topic, Safadi added, is finding the political horizon, "as it is impossible to continue with the status quo, and therefore how we work together to achieve regional and international momentum to return to a real effort that allows progress towards a two-state solution."

"In all these topic, we all agree and are working in full coordination and continuous consultation," Safadi said.

"Our message to the whole world is that it is impossible to step on the Palestinian cause, and a just and comprehensive peace can only be achieved by solving the basis of the conflict in the region, which is the Palestinian cause on the foundations that meet all the legitimate rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, foremost of which is their right to freedom and an independent, sovereign state on its national territory", Safadi stressed.

He pointed out that the meeting also discussed the issue of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), and said, "You know that the Kingdom, in cooperation with the Kingdom of Sweden, recently organized an international conference to mobilize support for UNRWA, and the (Palestinian) minister was present and had a key role in all our efforts with the aim of emphasizing that we must continue to provide the necessary support so that the UN agency can perform its services to Palestinian refugees in accordance with its UN mandate."

Safadi stressed that supporting UNRWA "is a matter that constitutes a common priority for all of us, as the agency is still suffering from the lack of necessary funds to carry out its role."

Safadi said, "We also talked about the case of Sheikh Jarrah, and this issue is also a main issue for us in Jordan."

He emphasized that from a legal stand point, Jordan has presented all it had of papers and documents proving the right of the people of Sheikh Jarrah in their homes, and from a political stand point, the Kingdom is doing everything it can to prevent the displacement of the people of Sheikh Jarrah from their homes, "because their displacement from their homes would be, according to international law, a war crime and this is something we all reject."

"We continue to work together, in continuous coordination and true partnership, in coordination with our brothers in Egypt, and in coordination with partners in the international community in order to end the stalemate and create a real horizon that takes us towards a just and comprehensive peace, which is a strategic choice for all of us," Safadi underscored.

"The meeting was extensive and in-depth today. There was talk about joint steps that we will take in order to create the necessary regional and international environment to achieve the breakthrough that must be achieved, in order to prevent what we all do not want, which is the explosion of the situation in a way that will not have dire consequences and will only be a factor of instability for the entire region," he explained

"We are always proud to be in Ramallah, to be in the State of Palestine, another message that say we are always on the side of our brothers in Palestine, and that Jordan was and will remain the bond and the closest to our brothers in Palestine," Safadi concluded

For his part, Palestine's Foreign Minister, Riyad Al-Maliki, said that the meeting came "to complete the permanent and in-depth consultations and coordination between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the State of Palestine. We are very happy with this visit, and I want to stress that the meeting that took place with President Mahmoud Abbas was an in-depth meeting, in which we discussed many issues related to the Palestinian cause."

Al-Maliki said, "You know that His Majesty King Abdullah is, at the Arab and international levels, the one who leads the defending of the Palestinian cause, and for putting forward the Palestinian cause in all international forums, and therefore we thank His Majesty the King and Jordan for this distinguished and leading role in defending the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people and for raising the cause in all regional and international forums."

Al-Maliki added, "Today there was a continuation of such ongoing and permanent discussion between His Majesty the King and his brother, His Excellency the President, as well as between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and me personally at and all levels between Jordanian and Palestinian officials."

"The meeting was in-depth with many issues and details, and we tried to put together a common vision of how to work together in the next stage in facing the Palestinian cause's challenges, which is also led by His Majesty the King and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with much effort, appreciation and distinction," Al-Maliki noted.

Al-Maliki said that "the meeting was in-depth, in which many issues and details, and we tried to put a common vision on how to joint work in the next stage in facing the challenges facing the Palestinian cause, which is also led by His Majesty the King and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with much effort, appreciation and distinction."

"We have come up with many things that need to be followed up in the near future, and we will continue to coordinate in all regional and international forums," Al-Maliki concluded

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