Umniah Organizes Outing for Its Call Center Team at Jordan Speed Center

[7/22/2010 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS – Umniah recently organized a two-day entertainment event at the Jordan Speed Center for its Call Center team, during which the team participated in go-kart racing competitions and other fun activities.

This exciting and competitive event enabled Umniah’s management and Call Center teams to interact away from the work environment and engage with each other in a lighthearted atmosphere.

“We at Umniah organized this event to express our belonging to our employees and our appreciation for their dedicated efforts in positively promoting the company in the Jordanian market,” said Mr. Mutaz Nabulsi, Director of Customer Advocacy at Umniah. “Through our involvement with our team members, we are keen on acknowledging our employees’ important role in bolstering our subscribers’ loyalty to our brand and contributing to the constant development of our operations.”

Mr. Nabulsi went on to add: “We chose to hold this event at the Jordan Speed Center due to our team’s great interest in go-kart racing, which we noticed over several occasions. We hope to preserve the family spirit that binds Umniah’s team members together, and which is reflected through the shared vision and team work that we enjoy at Umniah.”

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