11 violations documented by the Audit Bureau during May rectified

[6/18/2020 5:55:53 PM]

AMMONNEWS - The team charged for rectifying the violations, documented at the Audit Bureau 2020, held a meeting on Thursday, headed by Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs, Sami Daoud, to discuss clarification requests related to last May.

In press statements after the meeting, Daoud said the necessary measures were taken to rectify11 violations registered during May, based on the team’s recommendation, and after the approval of the Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz.

The majority of clarification requests were related to financial irregularities, and all necessary measures have been taken to recover the sums and rectify these violations, according to the minister.

Commenting on the documented violations, he said included misusing government vehicles, granting exemptions and incentives to a number of tourist companies based on the Investment Law, with initial approvals, which became clear later flawed with incomplete procedures, as the approvals were revoked as they contravene the provisions of the law.

Other violations, he announced, are related to the illegal execution of tender offers, in addition to setting contradictory terms in several standard procurement tenders, fundamental technical defects in construction of a governmental building, as its structural integrity will be reassessed and the contractor was notified to address all the reported deficiencies.

As for the irregularities related to public employees' undeserved promotion and allowance payment, he said all necessary measures have been taken to rectify these violations.

Discussing the monthly review policy, the minister underlined its success to rectify violations, and its role in reducing such practices "significantly."

In this context, he announced the team's meetings will continue on a monthly basis to follow up on clarification requests "gradually" and prevent their accumulation at the end of the year.

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