Lifting the curfew completely depends on the Kingdom's epidemiological situation

[5/16/2020 1:14:34 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, said lifting the curfew completely and returning life to normalcy depends mainly on the Kingdom's epidemiological situation.

Zero Covid-19 cases for three weeks in a row may lead us to such a decision, the minister pointed out.

Speaking at "Special Talk" program aired Al Araby Television, on Friday, he said: "There is no specific time to completely reopen the country and resume operations as normal," noting Jordan's success in getting rid of the pandemic also depends on the ability of the neighboring Arab countries in eliminating the virus.

The success of the Jordanian experience in dealing with the coronavirus lies in the strict measures taken by the government through imposing a comprehensive and partial curfew in various parts of the Kingdom, he pointed out.

Launching quarantine measures for returnees, closing borders and preventing travel, in addition to cooperation between citizens and official agencies also helped to the Kingdom's success, he noted.

In this regard, he praised the role of the armed forces - the Arab army and the security departments in limiting the spread of the virus among citizens, through the implementation of the lockdow, to which the citizens adhered "greatly," as their commitment reached 99 percent.

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