Cold weather today, unstable conditions forecast for weekend

[1/16/2020 10:22:01 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Cold weather conditions are expected to prevail on Thursday in most areas of the kingdom, while it will be pleasant in the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and Aqaba with clouds at various altitudes, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said.

A slight chance for scattered showers is expected across the country with southeasterly moderate to brisk winds, the JMD added.

Daytime temperatures expected for today in Amman and the northern areas will hover around 14 degrees Celsius, dropping down at night to 7 and 6 respectively, while it will reach a high of 15 and a low of 5 in the southern areas. The weather will be warmer in the port city of Aqaba with highs reaching 24 degrees Celsius and lows standing at 13 degrees at night.

An analysis of surface and upper atmosphere maps by the Department indicated the Kingdom will be affected by unstable weather conditions with rainfall on Friday afternoon, says JMD Director General Hussein Momani.

"Rain showers are also forecast nationwide, which might be heavy at night in the western regions, making flash floods in valleys and low-lying areas, along with northwesterly moderate to brisk winds, stirring dust at times," Momani noted.

Cold and cloudy conditions are expected to prevail on Saturday with heavy showers across the country, accompanied by thunder at times in the western areas, and causing floods in valleys and low-lying areas. Winds will be westerly moderate to brisk with occasional dusts, the JMD added.

Momani urged the public to take extra precautions, by staying away from water assembly point and low-lying areas where flash floods can form, and to keep up to date with weather forecasts by checking updates on, calling the Weather Forecast Directorate at the numbers 4916190 and 4916191, or through the JMD’s Facebook page and app "JMDWEATHER".

He also warned of slippery roads, poor visibility due to dust, especially in the southern and eastern Badia regions, and low horizontal visibility in the highlands due to fog formation.

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