64 of Jordanians believe poverty is the drive behind domestic violence, finds poll

[11/24/2019 9:03:22 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A poll conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of Jordan, showed that 86 percent of Jordanians believe domestic violence is "widespread," while 64 percent say poverty is the most important reason behind the phenomenon, where children and women are the most vulnerable segments.

The CSS announced on Sunday the results of the poll, which covered the period between 18 and 21 of this month, on a representative sample of the Jordanian society and from all governorates, within its survey, dubbed: "The Jordanian Street Pulse 8".

The poll tackled two axes: First: The most pressing issues facing Jordan and Jordan at the time of the survey, and the region and the international community, and secondly: domestic, societal violence in terms of its causes, the most vulnerable groups, the most prominent forms, and the role of the government in reducing this phenomenon.

Regarding domestic violence, the poll showed that 47 percent of respondents believe that domestic violence is "widespread" in Jordanian society, 35 percent believe it is "moderate," while 13 percent believe it is "lightly widespread."

On the prominent forms of domestic violence in Jordanian society, the survey reported that 47 percent believe physical violence is widespread as a form of domestic violence, 19 percent believe this behavior took the verbal form, and 10% say came from household feuds.

According to the results, 39% believe that the prevalence of poverty is the most important reason for domestic violence in Jordanian society, while 19% attribute the dilemma to the difficult economic situation generally, then 9% say the phenomenon arose from the lack of nuptial symmetry, followed by 8% for unawareness and then unemployment 6%.

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