Ghuneimat : JTA-Gov't previous meetings used to be held with Education Minister

[9/17/2019 2:16:17 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Media Affairs and the Government Spokesperson, Jumana Ghuneimat, said meetings of the Jordan Teachers Association's (JTA) with the government in previous years used to be held with the Minister of Education, and not with the Prime Minister.

In an interview with a local radio show on Tuesday, Ghuneimat called those who require meeting with Prime Minister Omar Razzaz as a condition to continue the dialogue as "putting the spoke in the wheel."

The Prime Minister assigned a ministerial team to negotiate with teachers, stressing that the solution to the teachers' crisis is through dialogue without preconditions.

She stressed the need for students to return to schools, and attend classes, especially after one week of the start of the school year.

The minister reaffirmed the government's belief in the teacher's role in building generations, his sacred mission, and his right to improve his standard of living.

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