Iran’s Zarif: We will face any economic, military war efforts strongly

[5/26/2019 7:21:05 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Tehran will defend itself against any war efforts, be they economic or military, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said, according to Iraqi TV during a visit to Baghdad on Sunday.

“We will defend against any war efforts on Iran be they economic or military and we will face them strongly,” the foreign minister said.

Zarif also said that Iran has a desire to build “balanced relations with all Gulf states”.

He added that Iran proposed signing a non-aggression pact with neighboring Gulf countries.

Zarif also said Iran has not violated the nuclear agreement, calling on European states to uphold their commitments, adding that they must do more to preserve nuclear agreement.

He said that US actions contradict Security Council resolutions on the use of force.

*Al Arabiya

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