Government open to setting up Turkish industrial zone

[4/18/2019 4:40:52 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Minister of State for Investment, Muhannad Shehadeh, said the Jordanian government and the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) are open to the idea of opening a Turkish industrial zone within the industrial cities and is committed to providing all facilitations to support Turkish investments in the Kingdom.

During a visit of an investment delegation representing the largest Turkish industrial companies on Thursday to the IPA, the minister noted the Turkish companies can benefit from Jordan's geographical location Jordan, which is a gateway for access to international markets.

In this context, Shehadeh said this advantage is made possible through a series of free trade agreements with the world's largest economic blocs, which guarantees preferential access to the markets of more than 1.5 billion consumers.

"Jordan has expertise and human resources that can be utilized, in addition to the several promising economic sectors, such as information and communication technology, renewable energy, tourism and manufacturing industries," he said, calling on Turkish companies to explore these "promising" investment opportunities.

The minister pointed to the most important economic reforms that have been taken with the aim of improving the Kingdom's investment environment, stressing the IPA's commitment to assist and facilitate all transactions of Turkish investors and to provide the necessary information they need, in addition to ensuring speed of processing their procedures.

For their part, Turkish businesspeople praised the measures taken by the Kingdom to improve the investment climate, which encourage Turkish companies to pump more investments into Jordan in the coming period, in light of the promising investment opportunities in various sectors.

The visit, organized by Jordanian embassy in Ankara, aims to highlight the Kingdom's investment opportunities and to launch Turkish industries, as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate's plan to support national economic development programs through its continuous contacts with international economic events.

The Turkish delegation included 10 businesspeople representing 16 companies in the fields of car parts, and industries of elevator, ceramics, porcelain, specialized plastic industries and natural gas installations.

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