Ghuneimat : Jordanian youth has garnered international success in job market

[4/14/2019 9:40:57 AM]

AMMONNEWS - State Minister for Media Affairs Jumana Ghuneimat on Sunday said Jordanian youth has garnered international success in the job market through their leading ideas and projects.

Addressing students at the Adeeb Wahbeh High school in the Salt governorate, Ghuneimat noted volunteer work builds communities, brings about prosperity to the people, and enhances growth.

The minister stressed the importance of nurturing ideas and talents and creating opportunities that would reflect positively on the Kingdom.

The lecture also touched on the media literacy project, a youth initiative, which aims to improve students' potentials in dealing with media outlets and social media platforms to avoid circulating rumors and combat "destructive and extreme ideologies."

"Educational institutions and youth initiatives are vital to boosting young people's skills such as voicing their opinion and critical thinking," she said, pointing to their role in guiding innovators toward society's progress.

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