PM launches "Bekhedmetkon" platform to deal with citizens' complaints

[12/16/2018 2:32:23 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, on Sunday launched "Bekhedmetkon" or "At Your Service" platform that allows the citizen to inform the government on any questions and suggestions, and submit complaints and report any malpractices.

"Today, we are launching a new service that is central to the government's work priorities, which is at the heart of the different approach that the government is seeking to cement by listening to citizens' voices and communicating with them to know their issues and interests in an easy and reliable manner," the prime minister said.

He pointed out that the "Bekhedmetkon" platform redefines the relationship between the public sector employee and his duty to serve the citizen.

He added that the government is open to receive complaints, questions, proposals and revelations in cases of corruption.

He pointed out that the ministerial team will directly follow-up requests that the platform receives, and will be held accountable for responses and solutions provided to the citizen.

Razzaz indicated that the platform includes 95 government entities with direct contact with citizens to facilitate communication with them, pointing out that it includes multiple and easy to use channels that are suitable for all segments and categories of society.

He called on citizens to communicate with the government through the platform.

The prime minister noted that ministries and government institutions' responses and interaction with citizens' complaints and proposals will be presented to the cabinet on a monthly basis.

Minister of State for Institutional Performance Development Majd Shweikeh said this is a national project for an interactive platform to hear the voice of the citizen, pointing out that for the first time the complaint systems in ministries and institutions are grouped in one platform, thus contributing to facilitating measures for citizens.

The platform provides private channels through which the citizen can communicate through the "Bekhedmetkon" platform available on the App Store, Play Store, and chatbot through Messenger on the Facebook page of the (Department of Institutional Performance Development and Policy / Prime Ministry), in addition to the National Contact Center with Num. 06 5008080 and the e-government portal

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