Saudi police reveal circumstances of ‘dead body on bed’ on highway

[10/6/2018 4:00:52 PM]

AMMONNEWS - In an unexpected twist of unfortunate events, residents of the Saudi city of Abha were left in a state of shock when they saw a dead body wrapped and shackled to a bed and placed in the middle of a road of their city.

But the Asir region’s police department was fast to act and put all theories to rest.

The press spokesperson for the police said: “At 10:30 pm on Thursday, security patrols reported a dead body wrapped in a blanket placed on a bed in the middle of Wadi al-Talee road (11 kilometers from the city of Abha)”.

He added that the forensic and investigative departments revealed that the body is for an illegal infiltrator in his thirties.

The spokesperson said the body has gun shots from a machine gun, adding that further investigations are underway to determine the identity of the victim and those who are involved in this crime.

*Al Arabiya

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