Majority of heart attack victims in Jordan are smokers, report

[6/12/2018 11:06:05 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The chief section of the pulmonary and critical care and director of the Cancer Control Office (CCO) at the King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), Dr. Feras Hawari, said that 70 percent of the victims of heart attacks in Jordan are smokers.

While 16 percent of deaths are due to cancer, 37 percent of deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking, according to a report by the Ministry of Health.

"70 percent of smokers in the kingdom have the desire to quit smoking, but are unable to find the necessary medical assistance to do so," Hawari stated.

Hawari also called for tobacco treatment to be covered by health insurance, so as to assist addicts seeking help to find medical assistance and begin treatment.

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