Marriage would be an interesting experience, robot says in Dubai

[3/6/2018 7:06:43 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A robot in Dubai has expressed interest in marriage.

Cruzr, a robot made by a Shenzhen-based firm named UB Tech, was speaking to local newspaper Khaleej Times.

Asked if “she” would like to get married one day, Cruzr said: “I'm not sure what the regulations regarding robot marriage. But I think it will be an interesting experience.”

The newspaper explained that “any response Cruzr gives is content that has already been programmed into its 'brain,’” unlike popular humanoid robot Sophia who can generate responses through artificial intelligence.

“Cruzr's main purpose is to act as an office assistant and guide employees and visitors. It can also play the role of a manager and look after a group of employees in a room,” the newspaper added.

Asked if she was going to take away human jobs, Cruzr said: “The robotics industry is supposed to create many new jobs, so there will also be interesting things to do for both human and robots.”

*Al Arabiya

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