House to debate no-confidence vote in government Sunday

[2/13/2018 8:35:30 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Speaker of the Lower House Atif Tarawneh said on Tuesday that a motion requesting a no-confidence vote in the government of Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki will be on the legislature's agenda on Sunday.

Article 54 of the Constitution provides that a session to consider a vote of no-confidence in the Council of Ministers or any individual minister shall be cast by the Lower House, and if it decided to withdraw confidence in a minister with an absolute majority of the total number of members, the minister must resign.

According to Article 53 of the Constitution, a vote of confidence in the Council of Ministers or in any individual minister may be postponed only for a period not exceeding ten days, either upon the request of the Minister concerned, or of the Council of Ministers. The House shall not be dissolved during this period.

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