Bank al Etihad Opens New Branch in IrbidonYarmouk University Street

[12/18/2017 5:03:03 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Bank al Etihadannounced the opening of its new branch in the Irbid Governorate, reaffirming its commitment to serving as many clients as possible by expanding its network of branches across the Kingdom. The new branch isconveniently located at one of the strategic business hubs in thearea on YarmoukUniversity Street, opposite the Economics Gate, thus allowing Bank al Etihadto serve its clientseasilyand efficiently.

The network of Bank al Etihadbranches in thenorth of Jordan has now reachedsixbranches, making the total number of branches 44,spread across all governorates in the Kingdom. The Bank's network is expected to expand toover 50 branchesbefore the end of 2018.

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