Israel’s Amman embassy won’t reopen until guard brought to trial – Jordan

[11/2/2017 6:50:44 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Jordan will not allow the Israeli embassy in Amman to reopen until the embassy guard who shot dead two Jordanian nationals after being stabbed is brought to trial.

Speaking on national television Thursday, Jordan’s Media Affairs Minister Mohammad Momani said, “We are committed to international law, and we expect Israel to abide by international law and bring the murderer to trial. This is what we demanded — the ambassador will not be allowed to return and the embassy will not be opened until this is done.”

Israel’s Channel 13 reported Wednesday that Jordan had also refused to allow Ambassador Einat Schlein to return as Jerusalem’s envoy after she was photographed along with the guard, named as Ziv Moyal, meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the deadly incident occurred in July.

The station also reported that the Shin Bet had completed its investigation into the event and concluded that the security guard was justified in shooting Mohammed Jawawdeh, who stabbed him with a screwdriver after learning that he was Israeli. Moyal’s landlord was also shot and killed during the incident.

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