Sketchat: Min Hone Wah Honak @ FADA 317

[7/19/2016 3:30:36 PM]

AMMONNEWS - Sketchat: Min Hone Wah Honak @ FADA 317
July 16, 2016 – August 6th, 2016
Sketchat: Min Hone Wah Honak / Sketches: From Here and There offers us a glimpse into the sketchbook of Artist Mahmoud Al Rifai. Street photographers capture what they see with their cameras, Mahmoud Al Rifai does the same only using his eyes as lens, his mind as filter and his pencil, papers and colors as film.
On July 16 at 6:00 p.m. you will be able to leaf through Mahmound’s sketches.
A big thank you goes out to Samir & Ghassan for and in particular Rebecca Odeh for her constant support of our endeavors. In Sketchat: Min Hone Wah Honak Mahmoud captures scenes from Amman and different European cities. On the walls of FADA 317 you will find yourself gazing at moments paused on paper using quick lines and colors.
This is F.A.D.A. 317’s first Le Carnet du Vvoyage themed show.
Limited edition prints (of a 150) are to be available for purchase.
Open to the public

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