Electricity tariff hike after Ramadan: Minister

[7/6/2013 5:36:33 PM]

AMMAN – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Malik Kabariti said on Saturday that the government will carry out its declared decision to raise electricity tariffs after the holy month of Ramadan which begins this week.

"The new tariff implementation will be after Ramadan and will apply to all sectors involved in this plan announced by the government last month. The increase in tariff will vary from zero to 15%, without exemption for any sector mentioned in this scenario," he said in a press statement.

But Kabariti had officially announced earlier that households with electricity consumption of less than 600 KW/hour every month, or which end up accruing a bill below the amount of JD50, will be excluded from the price raise for a period of five years.

The minister said the government had exempted all households for the rest of this year, but a 15% price hike for homes consuming above 601 KW/hour will come into effect at the start of 2014. ((Petra)

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